Hot-Air climate-changers FINALLY get their hurricane…falling skies return

Lock the doors, Martha, the climate-changers are loose again.

When a dearth of hurricane activity forced climate change doomsayers back into their rabbit holes, the common-sense population had a chance to catch a collective breath.

But, now that a hurricane has FINALLY deigned to hit the U.S., skies are falling again.

If it weren’t for the human tragedy such a natural disaster causes, the knee-jerk reaction of the climate-change crowd unleashed by such a huge storm would be hilarious.

Temperatures were much warmer during the Middle Ages; CO2 levels 3-4 times greater during the Carboniferous Period – but don’t let scientific facts challenge their Big Lie.

And, if Category-4 hurricane strikes in the U.S. are seen as a defining factor of climate change, then we’re in luck…because over the last 47 years there were only four…

…whereas, according to climate expert Dr. Roy Spencer, there were fourteen in the 47 years BEFORE 1970, which means (by their own logic) climate-change is easing. 

But don’t tell the climate-change billionaires heavily invested in green technology.

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