Add Rudy Giuliani to co-chair that special counsel probe

A serious Mueller would convene grand juries for House Democrats, and the DNC.

30 House Democrats and the DNC employed the Pakistani cohort that could very well have been behind a so-called DNC ‘hack’ during last year’s presidential campaign.

So, it begs the question, Mr. Mueller…

…given the latest details of chicanery, why aren’t grand juries convened for them…

…what’s the problem – too much evidence?

Failing to do so gives the term Witch-Hunt credibility, but efforts to close down the probe ignores a serious problem…this witch-hunt was falsely promoted by elected politicians.

Elected DEMOCRAT politicians – you know, that Party whose membership hired thugs to provide IT ‘services’ which, in all likelihood, resulted in the real ‘hack’ of the DNC.

Far from ending this special counsel probe, we endorse bringing in Rudy Giuliani to co-chair the investigation, since it seems Mueller is too busy chasing will-o’-wisp fantasies.

And, task Mr. Giuliani et al with pursuing those evidence-heavy leads to their natural conclusion, because, after all, we’re all about investigating real DNC misdeeds…


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