The REAL racists were those keeping minority unemployment high… (we’ve added it to our Ripostes for Liberals page)

Did you know there was a website for winning arguments against Liberal snowflakes?

It covers a range of issues; we propose adding the title of this post to that collection.

Democrats love to brand Republicans as racist, but their policies were keeping minority unemployment high; under GOP leadership, there’s been a record minority job boom.

The real racists were keeping minorities unemployed, and depending on government.

Real champions of minority groups empower that demographic…not oppress them. And nothing gives someone an empowerment better, than jobs providing financial freedom.

Yes, yes, this site covers how the Trump/GOP policies benefit minorities, but it does so under a ‘Trump reaches out beyond his base’ theme.

For too long Democrats have pushed the ‘racist’ lies against Republicans; it’s time the GOP fought back…using a specific ‘Who Real Racists Are’ theme does exactly that.

C’mon, guys, add it to your list.

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