Democrats are all for useful left-wing idiots erasing a slavery past THEY OWN

Why would Pelosi and Schumer want the statue-toppling to stop? With one season of rioting and vandalism, the Left-wing has just stripped Democrats of their slavery past.

Let’s face it…if this unrest was aimed at anger over America’s slavery past…

…the first victim should’ve been…the Democrat Party.

The only question: is BlackLivesMatter an unwitting dupe, or a willing accomplice?

Considering the uncovered back-door finance trail to BLM, and the fact that NOT ONCE has BlackLivesMatter called for dismantling of the Slavery Party, it’s pretty obvious…


As a matter of fact, it’s reported that BLM donations go through the ‘ActBlue’ Democrat-loving 501(c)3, which makes it appear to be a money laundering operation for them…

…not a nice look…but, then, when did they ever worry about appearances?

If reports are correct, Democrats fund riots which erase Democrat history of a slavery past, Democrat 501(c)3 groups take in donations…and they get their funding back.

Bonus points?

They’re knocking down memorials of Republican efforts to END slavery.

Gotta hand it to ’em…they are a clever lot.

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