Will HONEST Democrats accept felonious multi-million$$ payoffs to Iran?

As noted in previous posts, the highest priority of a Nation is protecting its citizens.

So, when they know Iran continues to be a listed terror-state, how does any honest Democrat accept $400 million dollar payoffs to Iran…let alone nuclear deals?

Andrew McCarthy does great laying out the felonious acts Obama has committed.

We’re not sure what’s worse…

…a Democrat Party and its lapdog media that okays such treasonous acts…

…or a Republican Congress silently (and cowardly) acquiescing.

Either way, America’s national security is being threatened.

This could be stopped, but for fears of impeaching the first black president.

Cowardice…thy name is ‘Republican’.

Obama’s administration has, in deed, transformed our Constitution’s Preamble:

We, the Liberals of the United States, in order to form a more one-sided Union, selectively establish justice, trample domestic Tranquility, scorn the common defense, re-define the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberalism to ourselves and our Posterity…

And, come November, Democrats have two choices…

…hold their noses, and vote Republican…

…or continue voting Democrat and invest in more terrorist training camps.

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