Hands Up – Don’t…Trump…???

In a Nation where the ruling Party dominates news coverage in the months before a presidential election, by trumpeting their economic and foreign policy successes…

…the media focuses overwhelmingly on…attacking the challenger?

Rush Limbaugh delivers a powerful, irrefutable indictment of this phenomenon.

Two takeaways from this:

  1. The Democrats CAN’T run on their record over the last 7.5 years, and
  2. The media – once again – proves its lapdog status…

…by attacking the challenger…instead of the failure.

Worse, the media attacks Trump with fantasy news memes.

Hands Up – Don’t Shoot! never happened in Ferguson Missouri, and Sarah Palin never said she saw Russia from her porch, but the news media won’t tell you that.

And, it’s the worst economic recovery in 70 years, foreign policy is a tragic joke, and law enforcement’s being thrown into the grinder in order to stir up Democrat voters…

…but for the Liberal media…it’s Hands Up – Don’t Trump!

Can it get any more bizarre?


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