Invoking the ‘i’ word…Post-election gut-check time for Republican Congress

One reason a GOP Congress hasn’t pushed to impeach Obama and his cronies for illegal acts (funding Iran terrorism, etc) – why stir up Democrat voting in November?

All the polls indicate the Democrat electorate is depressed…why stimulate turnout?

So, as much as we scorn the gutless in Congress, we must acknowledge that the first priority of elected officials is normally to do whatever they can to get re-elected.

That said, in November, we anticipate a surly American electorate will make their voices heard, and throw out the Democrat policymakers causing the problem.

Then, as soon as the Nov. election dust settles, articles of impeachment should be introduced by the House, to punish those who funded an Iranian terror machine.

One thought on “Invoking the ‘i’ word…Post-election gut-check time for Republican Congress

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