Groups most crucial to Democrats winning elections are harmed most by Democrat policies

Fred Barnes notes that Democrat presidential hopefuls for 2016 are unusually focused on climate change, but doesn’t close the issue with logical observations.

Democrats are focused on climate change as causing all problems because they can’t talk about the real issues without shooting themselves in the foot.

But, climate change, as with pushing for open borders (including allowing Syrian refugees with jihadists among them to enter the USA) is just as thorny an issue.

Barnes reminds us who the crucial voter blocs are that remain most important for any Democrat success at the polls…but fails to note the irony involved.

So we will.

Those affected most by the high cost of Democrat ‘solutions’ with a proven non-issue like climate change are the voter blocs Democrats need to win at the polls…

…minorities, existing immigrants, and the poor. High energy costs hit them hardest, and the Democrat policies put in place…to ‘fight’ climate change…

drive energy costs through the roof.

And ‘open borders’, or the Syrian refugee issues?

How does flooding the American job market with yet more low-skilled, low-wage workers help our poor, our minorities or our existing immigrant population?

Yet, sadly, these same voter groups will troop to the 2016 polls and vote Democrat.


The media is more intent on getting Democrats elected than telling the true story.

And many of those voters cannot (or will not) think for themselves…

…even when logic and commonsense should prevail.

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