Paris ‘hot air’ climate talks impact environment worse than CO2 scams

The hot air blowing through the Paris climate talks will adversely affect the human population a lot more seriously than a bogus CO2 rise ever would.

First, the earth has seen CO2 levels 4-8 times and more than today’s level.

During the Jurassic period, T-Rex seemed okay with it. The Carboniferous period thrived on it, consuming massive amounts of CO2, resulting in luxurious plant life.

(That ‘plant life extravaganza’ came to a screeching halt as CO2 levels dropped.)

CO2 is critical to tree/plant growth…many greenhouses create CO2 mechanically to enhance plant growth. Our present era is suffering from low CO2 – not high levels.

We use ‘suffering’ judiciously: do you understand how well third-world nations would do if crops grew more quickly and abundantly? A higher CO2 level would save lives.

(And, by the way, you’re exhaling CO2 while you read this column.)

T-Rex didn’t drive a Hummer, Triceratops never used coal to generate electricity, and modern man wasn’t even yet a twinkle in the far-flung Millennium eye…

…so the 5X-higher-than-present CO2 levels (then) were a product of Nature.

And Nature thrived.

You can bet hot air blowing in Paris as world ‘leaders’ meet isn’t about rising CO2…

…it’s about lining the pockets of ‘green/warming/CO2 scamming‘ billionaires…

…and the political leadership in place to help them…for very generous reward.

Greed takes trillions from the economy, that could be used for better purposes.

Another bad crop in Sudan, North Korea, or Uzbekistan?

Blame Tom Steyer, George Soros, and your world leaders.

3rd-world babies may die from malnutrition, but billionaire frauds are sitting pretty.

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