Hey, America’s poor…who loves ya, baby? (Hint: it’s not who you think)

When the mid-’60’s Democrat War on Poverty began, there were about 28 million living at or below the poverty level; over 14% of the total population in the USA.

There are approx. 47 million living at/below the poverty level in the United States today…over 14% of the total population in the USA as of 2016.

50 years later, the same poverty level? That’s a pretty pathetic War.

Combined, state & federal agencies spend $1trillion annually on poverty programs.

That represents $21,277 spent on each poverty-level-designated individual.

The HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2016, per individual? $11,880. (For families, then add $4160 for each additional family member. E.g., family of 5 = $28,440.)

Think about it – federal and state agencies spend over $21,277 annually for EACH individual rated at the poverty level…that’s $106,383 for that family of 5…

…which means we’re spending $106k to raise a sub-$28k family out of poverty…

…and failing miserably to do so, since the poverty level % hasn’t decreased.

Looked at another way: we’re spending $21.3k…failing to get a person to $11.9k.

In this War on Poverty, the only winners are fatcats in the Poverty Industry.

Who pays a financial planner $106k so they can LOSE $28k a year?

Who can be proud of an America that can’t solve an $11.9k problem…

…with a $21.3k solution?

(And, if a Republican offers a solution to really fix the poverty problem? Democrats rant of heartless, greedy intent…cowed Republicans stay silent, idiocy continues.)

This isn’t a ‘War on Poverty’…

…it’s a War on Common Sense…and on the American taxpayer.

But, hey, poor Americans – keep voting Democrat…’cuz it’s working so well for ya.

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