Self-fulfilling bloodletting…why is it still legal?

When an industry’s tagline is ‘if it bleeds it leads’, is it any surprise there will be blood?

Responsible journalism is sacrificed on the altar of ratings and agenda; that section of American society, wanting to be misled and seething to be enflamed, fall for the result.

Tragically, so do the police fall, killed in the line of duty…in rising numbers.

Increasingly, agenda-edited news reports hide the complete story, to drive emotions.

Proposed ‘truth in advertising’ laws criminalize image-altering techniques. In a ‘Nation of Laws’, shouldn’t there be one in effect, that penalizes a manipulating news media

…when their image-altering lies result in increased violence against our police?

Or has America devolved to the point where it’s okay cops die, so ratings thrive?

Just asking…

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