Rand Paul steps in it, channeling the Appeaser-in-Chief on Cuba

Question: What happens when Mr. Rogers is used as a foreign policy consultant?

Answer: Feel-good policies that ignore everything wrong with nations under scrutiny.

Stephen Hayes writes a great article about why Rand Paul (and Obama) are wrong on a ‘Cuba re-set’ policy, that using North Korea and Iran as diplomatic examples fails.

But curiously, Mr. Hayes forgets to mention one very important factor…


…a lesson John F. Kennedy faced in October, 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Cuba is approximately 90 miles off America’s coast, and vows to remain Communist. To disrupt and threaten the USA, they eagerly welcomed Soviet nuclear missiles then…

…it’s no stretch to predict they would welcome Iran’s ‘human missiles’ now.

That’s a neighborhood even Mr. Rogers would have refused to accept.

The poet Robert Frost wrote ‘good fences make good neighbors’…but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and Communist Cuba will not ‘roll over’ for Paul and Obama.

BlueCollar suggests STRONG walls for bad neighbors.

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