What…Democrats need to get out the 2016 vote? Quick…cue the Blinions…

Minions are the lovable little fuzzballs eager and willing to serve fumbling masters.

Bluecollar has coined a new term, reflecting a similar phenomena.

‘Blinions’ are the lovable black voters, eager and willing to vote for their Democrat failed leaders, whose policies further marginalize and impoverish their followers.

Those who protest the comparison should re-read the minion definition, then re-visit the statistics on recent black unemployment, poverty levels, and failed cities/states.

Then, if they still protest, it’s a telltale sign…they’re undeterred Blinions.

(Most vocal of the Blinions are its Black-Lives-Matter crowd, used to keep the unrest going for the next 11 months, until the 2016 national election polls are closed.)

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