There’s nothing this guy won’t lie about, even to make Americans look bigoted

Obama’s recent ‘this is not who we are’ lie about stopping the immigration process for Syrian refugees, to deter terrorists, is just the latest in a long line of ‘BHOullcrap’.

As pointed out yesterday, in 2011 Obama stopped the Iraq refugee program for six months when the FBI realized terrorists were gaming the process to get in the USA.

Every claim Obama makes is proven a lie, from bogus economic recovery claims to global warming to jobless rates…and now, to subjecting us to stealth jihad.

Why would a U.S.president deliberately make Americans out to look bigoted, racist?

We have every right to demand the most effective national security possible. It’s a proven fact that terrorists are using the refugee process to get across borders.

Bigoted, Racist? No, we’re not…

…but the present occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave sure seems to be!

Even worse, his failure to act arguably caused the Syrian refugee crisis. So here’s a ‘leader’ who causes a problem, then castigates Americans over justifiable concerns.

As William Kristol notes, this is pure Liberal Sanctimony...

…whether it’s deliberate or not must be left to his Judgment Day.

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