H-E-L-L-O…we don’t already have laws that forbid selling guns to terrorists?

Headline: “Dems push GOP to block gun sales for suspected terrorists”

If Republicans can’t drop this silly effort in the Democrats’ lap, they’re useless.

Seriously…is there anyone in America who thinks such a law doesn’t already exist?

Considering the nefarious tactics of this administration, wouldn’t we be better off passing a law against any more of their ‘Fast-&-Furious’ type gun-runner efforts?

As for a GAO report regarding guns sold to terrorists over the last 10 years, isn’t that the logical result when you know Obama’s Justice Dept fails to enforce gun laws?

(We wonder how many of those ‘2000 guns sold to terrorists’ over the last seven years were a result of Obama’s and Holder’s bizarre Fast-&-Furious program?)

C’mon Republicans…have a little fun and jam this silliness down their throats!

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