Let the games continue…force Democrats to make the choice…

Sunday morning the House passed another continuing resolution bill defunding O’care, and Democrats immediately spun ‘shutdown rhetoric’ as being GOP-driven. But it’s not.

(And we remind the low-information crowd, per our Constitution, Article 1 Section 7: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”)

Now it’s on the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass it, or shutdown the government. And, per the Constitution, the Senate can “propose or concur with amendments”.

So let’s demand Senate Democrats honor the Constitution. If they don’t like the House version, force them to write an amendment that burdens citizens, then put it to a vote.

And, force them to explain why they so adamantly demand citizens be subject to the law’s mandate, but Big Business, and Democrats who voted for it, are given a pass?

Obama’s given waivers and exemptions to unions, and delayed enforcing the employer mandate, giving Businesses a break…now it’s time to give individual citizens a break.

We repeat our Sept 20 blog below…(and please, contact your Senator and demand they pass the House bill…links to them are provided below)…

It’s up to the GOP now to effectively reveal Senate Democrats as willing to shut down the government, rather than delaying the individual mandate threatening citizens.

Businesses facing threat of fines got off the hook for another year. If businesses can get a reprieve, American citizens should get the same courtesy from Obama & Democrats.

(Plus, as noted in an earlier blog, an employer-mandate 1-yr delay COSTS taxpayers $12bn; an individual-mandate delay SAVES taxpayers $35bn. No-brainer, right?)

Demand equal protection…call your Senators (in California, that would be Senators Boxer & Feinstein), and demand they support the House bill without changes.

And send a big THANKS to your GOP Congressman…they stuck up for the little guy.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a Democrat Congressman who didn’t, let them know how you feel about them giving Business a break…and giving you the shaft!

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