Dems think they’ll get away with holding Americans hostage to their agenda?

Kennedy Center cash? Solar and wind credits? An aviation climate-change study?

What do those things have to do with fighting the economic effects of this Wuhan-flu?


House & Senate Democrats are holding up a financial relief bill…for federal election takeovers? Corporate diversity reporting burdens? Carbon offset requirements for airlines? Policing racial make-up of corporate boards? Retirement plans for community newspaper employees? $300 million for PBS? Post Office bailouts? Ballot harvesting?


Here’s what President Trump retweeted from @ReaganBattalion today…

Here is what @SenSchumer  and @SpeakerPelosi are blocking:

  • $1,200-PerPerson, $2,400-Couple, $500-Child
  • $250 Billion-Unemployment Insurance
  • $350 B-Small Business Loan Program
  • $100 B-Hospitals
  • $11 B-Vaccines
  • $4.5 B-CDC
  • $20 B-Veterans Healthcare
  • $12 B-K12 Education
  • $5 B-FEMA
  • $10 B-Airports

Democrats honestly think their rank-&-file supporters hit hard by the Wuhan-flu will be okay with financial relief being held up to satisfy the Pelosi/Schumer slush-fund efforts?


Remember this in November – they are NOT OUR FRIENDS…

…but they’ll take our money to throw around among their crowd.

Come hell or Wuhan Flu.

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