Lipstick on a Pig still leaves it a Pig

As reported at “House Democrats Pass Partisan Impeachment Process Resolution in Face of Bipartisan Opposition”

The pig (aka, impeachment ‘process’) has added the lipstick of ‘inquiry’ to its title.

Maybe it’s time to change the Democrat jackass mascot image?

But, it’ll take more than lipstick to make this Shampeachment leader look anything like legitimate: Adam Schiff is a proven leaker, a proven liar…and a material witness.

Now, with this latest ‘resolution’ he’s the man who decides its discretion and control?

As stated…it’s gonna take a lot more than lipstick.

Andy McCarthy breaks down the ‘resolution’ and the challenge faced by the Trump team in dealing with this situation, but its ludicrous proposition does beg a question:

He does a fair analysis, and toward the end notes that “…the president and his allies are going to need a substantive defense to the charge that, with a purpose to interfere in the 2020 election, he abused his foreign-relations power by encouraging a foreign government to investigate an American citizen for violating foreign law.”

But…isn’t that EXACTLY what Obama-&-co did in 2016?

It’s pretty bizarre, when the originators of a Russia-collusion hoax can get away with trying to impeach a duly-elected President for investigating and prosecuting hoaxsters.

‘Cuz that’s what’s going on here…

…their Shampeachment is meant to obstruct/discredit a real investigation

…of a REAL crime.

And they will not stop.

Just curious though…don’t Democrats realize Republicans will want to put Joe Biden’s corruption with ‘foreign-relations’ on full display as good cause for an investigation?

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