Goodbye California…hello Medieval times?

If ever there was a poster-state for failed Democrat policy, California is it.

How else to describe, when a wildfire possibility can put you into the Dark Ages? We can’t clear-cut, manage undergrowth, or build new water-capture capabilities.

Between extreme environmentalists and Big Government Democrats, Green giddiness and Blue blundering have created Black conditions for California…and its populace.

“No longer is California the land of opportunity, it is a purgatory of high taxes, unaffordable housing, an outrageously steep cost of living, crumbling roads and bridges, soul-grinding traffic, and catastrophic homelessness.” Typhus, anyone?

This Issues-&-Insights article captures the irony: “Each of these is a man-made disaster created by public policy that limits and directs rather than frees and stimulates.”

California’s 2020 elections will be a choice of continuing to huddle in darkness…

…or be creative.

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