Race-baiter former first lady runs away from ‘her people’

Michelle Obama claims whites run away from blacks, but considering where she and The One have chosen to live nowadays, looks like it’s the pot calling the kettle…a pot.

Her new digs in DC and Martha’s Vineyard are in super-predominantly white areas.

Kalorama (Washington DC) is populated by 82.9% white, 3.8% black residents.

Martha’s Vineyard is populated by 94.4% white, 1.8% black residents.

If anyone’s running from ‘her people’…it’s Michelle O.

Typical Liberal…talk the talk, but NEVER walk the walk. (She could’a chosen Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta…funny, even she doesn’t want to make that choice.)

Why would she accuse whites of the very act SHE’S guilty of? With such overwhelming hypocrisy of hers on FULL DISPLAY, dare we suggest some pre-election race-baiting?

(At the risk of her accusing BlueCollar of ‘running away’ from a version of HER truth.)

On the one hand, we have a Trump economy making black employment great again…

…on the other hand, you have Michelle ‘Sharpton’ Obama…running away from Chicago.


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