…predicted this for weeks: over-inflated WuFlu deaths will drive other death counts down

So, now, the CDC indicates the overall total death rate in the U.S. is lower than avg.

Which begs the inevitable question…

“If Coronavirus Threat’s So Great, Why is U.S. Overall Death Rate Down?”

“…why are death rates falling while COVID-19 deaths continue to grow? It may be that many deaths that aren’t really COVID-19 related are counted as that anyway. The net effect is to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths, while underestimating others.” (emph added)

BlueCollar predicted this months ago…

…overinflated WuFlu deaths will take away from other causes.

Here’s a question for the FakeNews crowd…if they blame Pres Trump for over-inflated WuFlu deaths, does he, then, get credit for lower death rates among all other causes?

(Of course, we know their answer already.)

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