WuFlu panic-bubble pops. Down go the Fear-mongers (’til the next HOAX, anyway)

CDC has just posted updates that show only 6% of the total reported WuFlu deaths were actually caused by that flu, and they compare that against 150k+ deaths total.

They come up with 9,210 deaths, out of the over-153k reported – the rest of the deaths were linked to “…2.6 additional (underlying) conditions or causes per death”.

On the heels of that report, of all places the New York Times ran an article claiming 90% of WuFlu-postive tests are really showing “relatively insignificant amounts of the virus.”

Their HOAX is bleeding from every orifice: death counts have been dramatically over-stated, and the ‘alarming’ rise of positive tests are considered as insignificant.

Democrats continue fear-mongering, ‘cuz they don’t have much else going for them, but Wu-Fear seems a desperate ploy, when even the NY Times admits the obvious.

The highly respected Angelo Codevilla reflects exactly what we’ve been saying for months: the fear-mongering has been and continues to be a politically-motivated HOAX.

“What history will record as the great COVID coup of 2020 is based on lies and fear manufactured by America’s ruling class—led by the Democratic Party…the lockdowns have been inflicted and perpetuated by people who care more about your subjugation than your health. They want to wreck the U.S. economy and increase the Democratic Party’s chances in the 2020 election.” (bold, underline & color emphasis added)

An economy was wrecked, businesses closed, and jobs lost for a HOAX, perpetrated by a political Party desperate to claw back the power they lust for…at America’s expense.

Now, as the CDC admits overstated deaths and even left-wing news sites admit cases tested positive aren’t what they seem to be, their deceit can’t survive without backlash.

They’re risking too much by continuing the fear-mongering of a normal flu cycle. They’ll have to rely on the ‘low-information’ and irredeemably indoctrinated crowd to push that.

And, then, of course, the Democrats are gonna need another hoax…

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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