Leakers…damn leakers…and the government that leads them…

The Justice Dept. is under fire for targeting a Fox News reporter who was doing his job.

Reporting the news.

And, since it involves Fox News, of course some in the Liberal media would rather encourage suppression (of the media) than defend the freedom of the press.

But, before this touching concern for national security by the Liberals at the Washington Post, et al, becomes too enflamed, maybe a few pertinent questions are in order.

The Obama team is famous for leaking items they want the press to have…how would any journalist know that particular item on North Korea was any different?

Is it possible the leaker was pointed toward Fox News in order to discredit them?

And, if this is a cut-and-dried case of the Fox reporter being a co-conspirator in the info leak, why would no less than Attorney General Holder lie about his involvement?

Or try to hide that involvement…?

We find it hysterically tragic when Liberals bend themselves into pretzels…

…defending their self-styled heroes for doing in actuality what Republicans are always being accused of, but in reality never did…

…or for attacking Fox, when Libs defended the New York Times…infamous for their leaked stories of anti-Terror activities that the Bush administration wanted to keep quiet.

Maybe Obama’s administration stooges should wear ‘Official Leaker’ badges so our suddenly national-security-conscious journalists can tell them apart?

Just asking…

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