Make no mistake…we’ve got Obama right where HE wants us…

Don’t kid yourself about a ‘2nd term scandals’ myth: this bunch know what they’re doing, and it’s all being staged with November 2014 elections in mind.

Whether it’s a heavy-handed IRS or overstepping Dept of Justice story, results matter…

…and both result in a Culture of Intimidation… exactly what the Obama team wants.

These people timed the scandals to break when they did, and no doubt have a planned leak cycle which ensures the stories will stay front and center until…oh, say…Nov 2014.

Why? This is the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ crowd. And make no mistake, these so-called ‘scandals’ are really no more than another thug-created reminder…

…Big brother is watching…and listening.

Really, what better way is there to intimidate a populace about coercive government agencies, than by constantly running stories to remind all… they could be next?

The only thing more suppressive than a few wiretaps, is a nervous government-source collective looking over their shoulders, thinking they’re all being wiretapped.

And the only thing more oppressive than an IRS division running amuck on a local level, is a nation-wide media drumbeat about an IRS division running amuck…at any level.

With a constant IRS intimidation narrative, it’s a safe bet conservative groups have seen their incoming revenues dwindle to a trickle…not a good sign for 2014 campaigns.

And then…hey, Presto…a story of the DoJ wiretapping the AP, and intercepting Fox News emails. What effect will that have on potential internal IRS-DoJ whistle-blowers?

Anyone think it’s just a coincidence? Really? That’s multi-tasking, Chicago style! The GOP has Obama…right where HE wants us. It worked for him in 2012, it’ll work in ’14.

If ‘money is the mother’s milk of Politics’, that plaintive bleating sound you hear are hungry calves…chasing desperately after dried-up cash cows.

And, to make matters even worse…

No doubt some lame GOP braintrust thinks it will hurt the Democrat cause in 2014 to slow-walk these scandal hearings, and we’re guessing Obama’s team hopes they do…

…because, to Democrats, that’s 18 months of evaporating GOP ‘mother’s milk’!

That’s their real end-game…18 months of suppressed, coerced, and oppressed conservative efforts… culminating in a big win for the Democrats in 2014.

All it will take is a few sacrificial IRS-DoJ worker ‘lambs’ led to the slaughter.

And anyone who doesn’t think Obama would stoop so low need only remember…

…this is the same ‘commander-in-chief’ who went to bed and slept soundly… while abandoned Americans in Benghazi were dying on bloody rooftops…

Forgot about that?

We haven’t.

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