Why including green-card holders in the executive action makes sense

For those who complain that green-card holders from now-restricted nations were already vetted and shouldn’t be burdened further, we submit this argument:

Who were those Muslim green-card holders vetted by, over the last 8 years

…and how thorough do you think that process was?

The Nov. election evidenced a certain distrust in the Executive Branch.

Isn’t it logical to believe that distrust should extend to this issue?

Conservative concern over this action is laudable, but in our opinion, doesn’t give due consideration to implacable¬†lawless activities of the last 8 years in this regard.

(And before the Left get their panties all in a bunch, shouldn’t they divert some of their vitriol toward Muslim nations unwilling to help so-called Muslim ‘refugees’?)

(And why are the majority of these ‘refugees’ disproportionately¬†military aged men?)

UPDATED – the White House chief of staff says the restriction doesn’t affect green card holders…we hope it doesn’t mean their review process was rubber-stamped.

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