…ssooo…if they beat the drum long enough, people will believe it…?

To our Liberal readers harping on obstruction, we REPEAT for clarity:

Where ‘obstruction of justice’ occurs, first, JUSTICE must be the requisite process.

And, given that the ENTIRE investigation was based on a HOAX…and the perpetrators knew it was based on a HOAX…their actions on display by no means defines ‘justice’.

So, all the storm-&-fury over obstruction is meant to obscure one simple, inconvenient fact all these anti-Trump’ers are desperate to hide: ‘justice’ was not being served.

Forget about ‘there-was-no-crime, so there can’t be obstruction’ arguments…

…there was NO JUSTICE BEING SERVED. What part of that is incomprehensible?

Parsing what this person said, or that person claimed, has no bearing in the matter.

Being found ‘not guilty of collusion’ by Mueller-&-co. doesn’t matter.

Conservatives standing firmly on such ground legitimizes an investigation process that doesn’t deserve credence…a phony probe can’t be defined as a ‘justice’ process.

It was a HOAX…and a partisan hit-job veiled as a legitimate investigation cannot be defined as justice being carried out – no matter how loudly that drum is beaten.

Now, if they want to find President Trump guilty of ‘obstruction-of-hoax’…that’s different.

(Although, in our opinion, obstructing hoaxes is worthy of merit…not malice.)

Until they start listening, we’ll continue to beat the one, true drum…

…you can’t have obstruction-of-justice, when justice ISN’T being done.

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