In the REAL war-on-women…Democrats have no equal

56 million dead.

If the world’s 24th largest nation was totally wiped out, there would be global outrage..

56 million dead…that’s almost the entire population of Italy.

Of course, no country was wiped off the face of the earth. That number represents the number of abortions performed in the United States since the 1973 Roe decision.

Even if you’re ‘Pro-Choice’ (i.e., Pro-Abortion), the number should be stunning, put in a context of national populations. The equivalent of 7 Israels, 11 Denmarks, 14 Irelands.

The Democrat Party champions the Pro-Abortion issue. And, if national demographics follow, that means (since 1973) about 28 million of those sad statistics were baby girls.

28 million girls, never to experience their first hug, first kiss, or first prom.

Even if you’re Pro-Choice, the numbers should give you pause.

Remember the bumper sticker? “Abortion = 1 dead, 1 wounded”.

THAT is a real War on Women…brought to you by the Democrat Party.

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