How is citizenship “earned” by breaking the law…?

Have the children of bank-robber parents ‘earned’ the right to keep stolen money?

What about if dad pulled off a fraudulent Ponzi scheme? Can his wife and little Johnny keep the money or property ‘earned’ through the illegal activities of the husband/father?

How is that any different than claiming children of illegal aliens ‘earned’ citizenship?

And just because Obama’s Homeland Security chief says that doesn’t make it right.

Jose’s mom and dad broke the law by entering America illegally. Cloaked in ill-gotten ‘garbs of citizenship’, they avail themselves of the benefits America provides citizens.

If someone stole your land and sold it, their children have no right to the money. An American Citizenship is just as much a ‘property’, and should be protected as such.

Nowhere in the Rule of Law does it say those who break the law, or those who are beneficiaries of those laws that are broken, can keep their ill-gotten gains.

Except in a Liberal’s view (especially when it means adding new voters to the Party).

If someone can prove BlueCollar wrong on this issue, we invite the debate.

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