NOTHING defines Democrats like their lost War on Poverty

$16+ trillion dollars spent on poverty and welfare programs since 1964.

Result – virtually the same percentage in poverty now as back then.

$16+ trillion dollars. To put this in a BlueCollar perspective…

In 1964, the poverty rate was 19% (36.5 million people). And, since then, 125.7 million people have been added to our U.S. population (191.9 million then, 317 million+ now).

If the U. S. government gave $98,700 to each of the 19% in poverty in 1964, and to every one of the new 125.7 million as they arrived (birth, immigration, etc.)…

…in a zero-sum world, the poverty rate in the United States would conceivably be…0%.

But today’s poverty rate in the U.S. is still over 15%.

That’s 47.6 million Americans still living in poverty.

Way to go, Democrats.

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