So, if Benghazi had been in Somalia, air strikes against terrorists were possible?

Our military conducted an airstrike against an unidentified target in Somalia on Sunday.

Rest assured Somalia didn’t okay it, and the target had ‘suspected’ al-Qaeda ties.

Yet Obama and his yellowbacks err…Democrats…claim during the fatal Benghazi terror attack that 1) they couldn’t send in air support without Libyan permission, and 2) they can’t bring attackers to justice now, even though the groups had al-Qaeda ties.

Trusting in our military, BCP hopes they hit the target they wanted in Somalia.

But we can’t help wondering WHY Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods weren’t given the benefit of air support from our same military during that night in 2012?

And after this Somalian strike, the Democrats’ reasoning is revealed, again…as LIES.

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