Preempt the State of the Union with Articles of Impeachment

The list of unconstitutional acts Obama is guilty of keeps growing.

Now he’s using the Dept of Justice to intimidate a filmmaker for work done 2 years ago.

From the O-care ‘keep your plan’ fraud, deserting his commander-in-chief role during Benghazi, gun running to Mexican cartels, IRS/NSA scandals…his illegal acts continue.

Why? Any other president would have been impeached by now.

It’s obvious he’s not going to stop. He used the IRS to neutralize conservative groups in 2012. With 2014 elections imminent, does anyone believe he won’t do it again?

Conservative articles have been written on his upcoming State of the Union, and of those, most wistfully cover what Obama should do and say. It will never happen.

Obama’s going to double down. Why not? The GOP has given him free rein so far.

Everyone knows he’ll do what it takes to win 2014. It’s gut-check time for the GOP.

Speaker Boehner should preempt that SOTU address, with Articles of Impeachment.

The first item on the list: Obama’s “you can keep your health plan” fraudulent remarks, and the 37 Democrat Senators involved in writing O-care (who stayed silent or mouthed similar claims) should be included as co-conspirators, and aiding/abetting other acts.

This de-fangs the Democrat Senate – those being impeached cannot sit in judgment on themselves. Majority control swings to the Republicans, and Obama is neutralized.

Message to GOP: run with the Big Dogs, or stay under the porch!

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