Have our Benghazi fallen received their medals?

A story notes that a Delta Force commando was honored for his efforts in Benghazi.

What about Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods? Have they been honored for theirs?

Obama and his Democrat cohort should be asked that question every day.

Both former SEALs were CIA contractors, who fought off terrorists for hours before being killed when mortar rounds took them out in the early hours of Sep 12, 2012.

The House and Senate should be pushed to pass legislation to honor these men.

Obama hid behind State & Defense Dept blather in his failure to help Americans that night in Benghazi. Despite that disgusting failure, his reward was…re-election.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods fought valiantly to protect Americans that night.

To date, their only reward has been…death.

We all remember non-stop photo-ops of ‘Situation Room’ Obama while the bin Laden hunt went down. But, no photos of him while Americans fought in Benghazi? Why?

(Some claim he was sleeping, resting up for a next-day Vegas campaign trip.)

A Commander-in-Chief during the bin-Laden kill…but not at his post for Benghazi?

What does it say, when deserting Americans is rewarded, but protecting them isn’t?

Woods and Doherty died, fighting to protect Americans…

…shouldn’t we live, fighting for them?

They deserve to be honored with America’s highest civilian award…

…not our silence.

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