When it’s so bad they can’t lie their way out…it’s really bad!

Imagine starting your own Internet business after months of being jobless.

Your credibility, your livelihood, your family’s very existence is on the line. In that critical situation, would you not keep track of sales, or be unconcerned about getting paid?

This is what the Obama administration claims, re, Obamacare…they don’t know how much product they’ve sold, they don’t know how many enrollees have actually paid.

When his paid liars won’t even lie…you know the situation is dire.

Word has it (friend-of-a-relative-who’s-buddy’s-acquaintance…etc) that speculation is exactly opposite reality: actual paid Obamacare accounts are 20% of ‘enrolled’ signups.

Fuzzy numbers being what they are, the Obama team ‘claims’ 6 million enrolled, but refuse to back this claim with any hard-number fact, so their number is questionable.

But, accepting 6 million enrolled for the moment, that means only 1.2 million have paid.

Before the enrollment mandate, Obama et al projected 7 million would be signed up in the initial phase. For any normal American business startup, ‘signup’ would mean paid.

1.2 million paid…vs. 7 million signups projected. That’s only 17% of projection!

For any normal American business startup, hitting 17% of sales projections means that business is doomedespecially when the law says the product must be purchased!

If this were a Republican healthcare law being so incompetently mishandled, the media would be relentless in their pursuit of the real numbers, and screaming for heads to roll.

They lied about keeping the healthplan you liked; they lied about keeping your doctor; they lied about saving thousands of dollars a year…why not lie about paid signups?

Sure, this post is built on ‘friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s-buddy’s-friend’, but when paid liars in Washington DC will lie about such critically personal needs, why stop there?

When even the usual Obamacare liars are afraid to lie…you know it’s got to be bad.

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