In Obama-land, disparate comparisons come easy

Speaker Boehner called the latest Obamacare enrollment deadline delay ‘a joke’.

Responding to that withering criticism, Obama’s flack Carney compared the delay to Pres. Bush’s Medicare Part D grace period, or people in line to vote when polls close.

The problem with those two comparisons…in both cases, participation is voluntary.

As everyone knows, Obamacare is not – signing up for health coverage is mandatory..

A more apt comparison, then, would be the April 15 tax-filing deadline for taxpayers.

And, everyone knows when you miss that deadline, the IRS doesn’t give you a pass.

(The fines come swiftly, and you can probably expect future audits as well.)

Don’t expect the Obama media to point this out…they’re too busy carrying his water.

But hey, if you miss the tax filing deadline, you can always try using Carney’s dodge.

Call the White House, and ask if Obama will grant you a grace period.

(Good luck with that…let us know how it turns out.)

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