Just one more reason to eject Democrats from office…

Giving up internet control to a global entity is crazy.

The ‘global entity’ is made up of a wide variety of totalitarian nations.

Just as the UN has failed to protect the weak and vulnerable, so would a ‘global entity’ fail to protect against free-speech rights that our internet now provides.

This ‘global entity’ is already proposing regulations based on their interpretation of what they consider to be consistent with ‘peace’, ‘security’, and ‘stability’.

Anyone asking why this is bad should consider the UN track record of protecting from genocide, terrorism, and other acts of barbarism, shadow-controlled by nation states.

And, Sen. Scott said it best: “The ‘global internet community’…has no 1st Amendment.”

It’s a Democrat administration allowing this ill-advised act to occur next year.

Republican messaging, from now ’til election day, should include a promise that, once elected, they’ll enact immediate legislation negating efforts to give up internet control.

Just 1 more reason to eject Democrats from office, and retake Congress…

(Full disclosure: our BCP website relies on American concepts of free speech.)

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