Rush is wrong – mainstream media aren’t ignorant…they’re liars

Rush Limbaugh normally hands the drive-by media their heads, but not yesterday.

Drudge Report entrepreneur Matt Drudge tweaked Obama and cohort last week, when he ‘tweeted’ that he ‘just paid the Obamacare tax’ for not having mandated coverage.

Within 22 minutes, he was slammed by Obama’s White House propagandist and media as a liar, claiming the Obamacare tax was delayed another year, due April 2015.

Rush says this shows the ignorance of Obama’s team and the media – a self-employed person (by law) must pay their current-year taxes quarterly…in the same year.

Drudge even went so far as to remind Obama-ite critics of that fact, but it’s no use.

Obama, his administration, and the media that carries Obama’s water, all know they’ve lied on very important issues in the past…it’s no surprise they continue to lie now.

Rush Limbaugh is wrong – Obama, his team, and his media, aren’t ignorant…

…they’re LIARS.

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