…and, yet, he’s STILL a Democrat?

How tragic is this: a Democrat has to argue against Trump’s historic-low black jobless numbers by falling back on full employment numbers when blacks were slaves?

“…Clyburn rips Trump’s jobs numbers: ‘We were fully employed during slavery'”

Democrats controlled the South, and perpetuated the evils of slavery. We’re confused…

…as a Black American, is he praising Democrats for slavery-induced full employment?

‘Cuz, guess what, Mr. Clyburn? When it comes to slavery…


We’re confused…

…is Clyburn pining for a return to full black employment by reinstating slavery?

45’s reasons for maintaining his social media stance are SOLID

Those Trump supporters who wish he would stop Tweeting are wrong to do so.

94%+ negative media press coverage, and its duplicitous media silence on key issues are the primary justification for President Trump to continue his Tweet presence.

Think about it…

…we could go on, but you get the picture: absent social media, he’d be toast. The ironic twist is that, with Trump tweaking them on social media, their outrage goes ballistic…

…and then the truth comes out as everyone talks about it.

Social media is his primary defense against their relentless negativity.

There’s no equivalence…what Democrats are doing is SEDITIOUS

General Flynn, as the President’s incoming Nat’l Security Adviser, was vilified for meeting with a Russian representative, and charged with resulting process crimes.

Democrat Senator Murphy, and John Kerry, an OUT-OF-OFFICE Democrat, met with foreign nation (Iran) representatives to undermine current administration goals.

Got that? Flynn was on the incoming administration team…Democrats are NOT.

Flynn was putting forth incoming administration policy…Democrats are subverting it.

How can media or Democrats say these two events are even remotely equivalent?

(Updated: earlier edition referred to Murphy as a congressman)

The true story of CrowdStrike’s 2016 duplicity with Dems must be told

As we’ve noted on several occasions, impeachment was just being used to cover up Democrat involvement with foreign and domestic actors during the 2016 election cycle.

A new story backs up our claim…

The Gateway Pundit: “UPDATE on the “60 Minutes” Sham Report on Crowdstrike: Impeachment Was Cover for CrowdStrike and Democrats Got What They Wanted”

They’re hiding their deceit and lawlessness by constantly attacking the President.

It’s way past time to bring this Democrat-funded CrowdStrike duplicity front and center.

O’ is LYING if he claims this job-boom is his doing

“Obama claims credit for ‘longest streak of job creation’ in US history”

Barack Hussein Obama is a L-I-A-R…and there’s proof. We posted it in May, 2019.

“The LIE that ‘this is Obama’s economy’ is PROVABLE…”

In 2016, GDP growth decelerated from 2.3% to 1.8%, throughout 4 quarters.

Lest anyone forget, those were Obama quartersLet that sink in.

That, along with his ‘magic wand’ dismissal of then-candidate Trump promising he’d be able to bring jobs back if elected, should be more than enough proof of Obama’s deceit.

In the Obama era, he said America’s job decline is the ‘New Normal’ we must accept.

Democrats, for those lousy 8 years of bad policy, wanted you to accept their failure.

This latest LIE is just a desperate effort to claim some credit for the Trump economy.

We repeat for clarity…THE T-R-U-M-P ECONOMY.


For those claiming LIE is too rough, remember Obama said thisevidently he doesn’t.

Since when is fruit from a poisonous tree edible…?

Those wandering deep in the weeds of the Roger Stone indictment case seem so bent on justifying the sentence of that former Trump aide, they forget a basic legal tenet…

‘fruit from a poisonous tree’ is, as well, poison.

It’s a doctrine usually applied to evidence illegally obtained, but how is that any different from indictments obtained from what’s proven to be an illegally-mounted investigation?

Russia-collusion blather is exposed as a Democrat-funded HOAX. Not one indictment handed down by Mueller’s team involved Americans working with Russians to meddle.

All the allegations from the dirt-dossier were fabricated from thin air, hearsay and lies spun together to provide a web of deceit that was used to justify, first surveillance of then-candidate Trump, and after, to delegitimize/hamstring him and his new team.

Rule-of-Law requires credible probable cause must exist to initiate legal proceedings against targeted Americans, but the ‘collusion’ investigation was founded on a HOAX.

The poison-tree doctrine should apply; no process crime indictments can be allowed to stand…otherwise, illegally obtained indictments are given an undeserving credibility

…and further illegally-founded chicanery will be encouraged.