There’s no cause and no proof to warrant a special counsel…except anger.

And the anti-Trump saga continues, apace…

12 months after the Russia-colluding meme started, there has yet to be one SHRED of evidence to justify a Justice Dept investigation, but that doesn’t matter to these people.

The 28-CFR-600 statute states grounds for appointment of a Special Counsel, noting it’s justified when a criminal investigation of a person or matter is ‘warranted’.

Problem is an Obama-appointed official ‘warranted’ the investigation with no cause… unless it was warranted because of the Left’s anger that Donald Trump was elected.

Then there’s lots of cause…no proof, mind you…just lots of cause – anger.

Now, the ‘special counsel’ is going over decades of Trump business transactions, as if somehow anything done 10 years ago affected the campaign he ran last year…but…

  • Don’t worry that there’s absolutely no evidence;
  • Don’t worry that there’s nothing that warrants a special counsel;
  • Don’t worry that  Mueller and his team have Democrat political leanings;
  • Don’t worry that he’s a best friend of fired FBI director James Comey;
  • Don’t worry that Comey admitted to conspiring to get special counsel appointed;
  • Don’t worry that there are obvious conflicts of interest.

The Attorney General establishes jurisdiction within which a special counsel must work. If this isn’t a witch hunt, jurisdiction should start when Trump announced candidacy.

Stay out of his personal and business life before that. In the interest of enforcing that boundary, pay the special counsel and team $1/year, as incentive to wrap it up.

(Don’t worry about the low pay…we’re sure they’re on somebody else’s payroll.)

They wouldn’t allow Obama being judged by his decades-past association to communists

Reports note Mueller is going back decades investigating Trump’s past Russian links.


Obama wasn’t investigated for his communist links, and no mention of it was allowed.

Witch-hunt that it may be, if such an investigation is allowed to go forward then it should be in the context of Trump’s official entry into the political arena, not the years before.

Any efforts beyond that context empirically support the Witch Hunt claim.

‘Out-of-control’ health costs aren’t a surprise…it’s BY DESIGN

Stop referring to spiking health care costs, from premiums to deductibles to co-pays, as an ‘out-of-control’ situation…rising costs are designed-in features of Obamacare.

As such, rising costs were very much intended, controlled…by Democrats.

They wanted single-payer, couldn’t get it all at once, so set up O’care as a first step that would tip the system into that final objective, when the inevitable ‘cost’ fix was needed…

…and fat-cat insurance companies are happy to get a forced-market handed to them.

Their real problem?

The system was set to fail, then ‘fixed’ w-single-payer, by a Democrat president.

The November election upset and their subsequent hysteria has a lot to do with how a lot of elected Democrats are now in a potential quicksand of Obamacare failure.

Pres Trump is showing how a 3rd Party leader can make it work

Watching the President during his lunch meeting with GOP senators and how he’s the only one pushing the highlights of the Republican health plan, it dawns on us…

…we’re watching how a 3rd Party President can work the room.

Prediction: if congressional Republicans don’t get on the page, a 3rd party is coming.

Uncooperative Republicans are giving it life…

…and President Trump is showing how it’s done.

California Democrats trample your rights to FORCE higher gas taxes on you

If you live in California, you’re aware of the new gas taxes due to hit in months.

You might also be aware there’s a recall backlash that resulted.

But, are you aware last month the Democrat legislature changed the recall process?

The First Amendment guarantees the right to “…petition the government for a redress of grievances”…so, what does one do when state legislators make that impossible?

Is there a constitutional lawyer in the house?

Even election gains over last 6 years can’t stiffen this GOP spine

The amazing thing to watch is how, in the face of election gains in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and every special election since November, Republicans still lack a group spine.

And, for what? To enact more ‘less bad’ laws to fix atrocious law?

Free-market capitalism has made this Nation the greatest to ever stride the globe.

We understand sometimes it’s necessary to mud-wrestle a pig, but when the pig’s mired in Socialist mud, what’s hard about standing back and letting a free-market wrestle it?

Good news for the GOP, they don’t need much spine to make it happen.

But…SOME would be good.

C’mon, congressional Republicans, give it a shot.

Hey, if it doesn’t work, do what everyone else does…

…blame it on Rush Limbaugh.


4% of the population makes 100% of GOP Congress look like IDIOTS (not that they needed any help in that regard)

As of mid-March, 12.2 million (3.6% of our population) were enrolled in Obamacare.

How is it possible supposedly intelligent Republican congressional types let themselves be seen as such incompetent, spineless wimps by failing to work out a plan for the 4%?

When you consider the average monthly health insurance premium is $400, that means Republicans have burnt their image to the ground for less than a year’s Medicare fraud.

(Do the math: $4800/annually x 12.2mn = $58.6bn. Medicare annual fraud = $60bn.)

To make matters worse, the GOP moral high-ground that they can’t use reconciliation is built on a fraudulent Democrat legislative process that birthed O’care in the first place.

Remember, it became law only because Senate Democrats took an unrelated military housing bill passed by the House, gutted it, then inserted the Obamacare language.

Then, when Ted Kennedy died after passing that bill and sending it to the House, they lost their 60-vote majority…if the House changed its language, the bill was doomed.

The Democrat House passed the Senate bill, then a separate ‘repair’ bill and sent it to the Senate. With a 59-seat majority, they used reconciliation to pass the ‘repair’ bill.

Obama signed both the repair bill blended with the O’care bill, and the rest is history.

So the original Senate bill may not have been passed by ‘reconciliation’, but the final law is a result of reconciliation…and skullduggery…and thus can be subject to it now.

To believe or state otherwise is disingenuous, and gives credibility to an original deceit.

And now, in a final act of idiocy, three GOP Senators refuse to even support repeal of this travesty without a replacement plan…as if a repeal negates coverage immediately.

One can only marvel how idiots like these Republicans made it through a campaign, or that they’re endowed with essential hubris that makes them think they’re re-electable.

But then, we may shrug and say ‘hey, better an idiot…than a spend-crazy Democrat.’

The real tragedy is all the creativity (however deceitful) is on their side…

…and the obtuse is on our side.

A feckless GOP Congress means there’s only 1 reason left to vote Republican

An unwillingness to do what many in the House and Senate promised pre-election…that is, to repeal Obamacare…shows us a GOP Congress can really only do one thing…

…stop Democrats from taking control and making more bad law.

It appears from this time forward there’s only one reason left to vote Republican…

…they suck LESS than Democrats.

Republican ineptitude aside…but then, who’s kidding who?

How hard can it be to repeal Obamacare?

A GOP Congress passed a repeal in 2016, but of course Obama repealed the attempt. But now that they’re in charge with a Republican president, they can’t get it done?

Seriously? Just dust off and re-submit one of the old attempts, idiots!

What, worried about people losing their healthcare? Why? Just take those IRS agents hired to enforce O’care mandates, and use ’em to shut down waste, abuse and fraud.

Medicare waste-abuse-fraud in 2015 totaled over $60 billion; Medicaid was even worse in 2016, where an expected 12% of total spending would be wasted – $140 billion.

If, and it’s a big if, there really would be 22 million Americans without healthcare when a repeal of Obamacare was by some miracle passed, $200 billion recovered pays the tab.

That would be enough for EVERY one of the uninsured to have subsidized plans, with a big amount left over to give very generous incentive bonuses for effective IRS trackers.

(And if you want more, turn those trackers loose on an unpaid tax-cheat problem, which amounts to a staggering $400+ billion per year…think some of that would help out?)

Finally, let free-market principles work their magic at reducing costs and out-of-pocket payments/deductibles…get out of the way, let the most effective economic engine work.

It ain’t rocket science people.

And, hey, if they still can’t get it done, force your Congressman and staff to use the only healthcare up to recently that IS government controlled – the VA healthcare system.

Maybe then they’ll see why a government healthcare system is not a good idea.

But hey…a leadership that allows 15% ($600bn) of our total annual budget to be lost to Medicaid/Medicare and IRS waste-abuse-fraud-dodging isn’t ‘leading’…it’s abusing.

A corporate CEO would be summarily fired for such negligence.

We re-elect ’em.