…if foreign gov’t meddling is the new ok-to-spy norm, EVERY Democrat campaign can be spied on now…

Let the ‘new norm’ campaign spy-games begin.

Think of it, folks.

If ‘foreign meddling’ is now (in the Left’s mind) a legitimate justification for mounting a spy effort on an opposition campaign – even when there’s NO evidence or proof that the opposition campaign is ‘colluding’ – then what happens when there was proof?

It was the DEMOCRATS who were caught ‘colluding’ with foreign agents in 2016, using the FusionGPS group to hire a Brit with Russian sources to create their fake dossier.

So, if Left-wing news is OK with flimsy, unproven allegations…then real proof indicates the Democrat Party can legitimately be spied on from now on…to keep them honest.

Works for us.

Mr. President – the New York Times et al have just given you a green light.

Fire up that NSA/FBI/CIA apparatus. Let the games begin.

Tragically, the Weekly Standard’s profile has become…a weakly standard of never-Trump mewling

The Weekly Standard was once a credible source for honest information, but in the last 2 years has transformed into a swampy diatribe of bilious, never-Trump gruel.

We’re sorry to be an audience to such a low end for what was once a beacon of truth.

Their latest editorial regarding the Mueller investigation is a travesty of journalism, with  every paragraph containing questionable omissions or dishonest innuendo, in an effort to build their case that the special counsel was legitimate, but needs to wrap things up.

The editors assert Rosenstein was right to appoint a special counsel, but fail to note that legislation mandates a special counsel appointment only WHEN A CRIME EXISTS  but no such existence or proof of a crime was established at its inception.

The first paragraph cites his order to “ensure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election…” but never notes in the article that ‘full and thorough’ should have included any Democrat effort…

…and never mentions discovery of proven Democrat collusion that Mueller’s ignored.

Only through omissions and innuendo can this article reach the conclusion that special counsel was warranted, and we won’t link to such a deceptive weakly standard…

…that never-Trumpers have sunken to establishing.

Most laughably, its editors bemoan the fact a Republican campaign may have been in any way interested in opposition research during a campaign “…for the purposes of winning an election…” stating “That may not be prosecutable, but it’s not normal.”

Seriously? It’s ‘not normal’ to use opposition research…no matter the source?

We wonder if the Democrats are aware of that new ‘normal’?

(H-E-L-L-O…dossier, anyone?)

The Weekly Standard sets a very weakly standard trying to whitewash Mueller, and as an effort to – once more – tarnish the Trump presidency with a veneer of half-truths.

Pathetic. A hatred so virulent is destroying a once-respected publication.

People – a Democrat administration unlawfully SPIED on an opponent campaign!

As Andy McCarthy notes today “…the (FBI) bureau opened a counterintelligence investigation in the absence of any (a) incriminating evidence, or (b) evidence implicating the Trump campaign in Russian espionage. At the height of the 2016 presidential race, the FBI collaborated with the CIA to probe an American political campaign. They used foreign-intelligence surveillance and informants.”

(emphasis added)

Hatred can blind – even when it’s the STORY OF THE CENTURY.

Hamas leader destroys the ‘peaceful demonstration’ narrative of the idiot Left

Gaza protesters went berserk at Israel’s borders, and all hell broke loose. Reports are that as many as 60 demonstrators were killed, and of course, the President is blamed because he had the audacity to do what many presidents only promised…

…acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, and open an embassy there.

Predictably, the FakeNews media bemoan the deaths of ‘peaceful’ demonstrators, but…

…Washington Free Beacon headline“Senior Hamas Official: This Is Not ‘Peaceful Resistance,’ It Is Supported by Our Weapons” (underline emphasis added)

Open message to the Looney Left – WAKE UP!!

You think maybe THIS is why Democrats are frantic about Pres. Trump dumping the Iran deal?

American Thinker headline“Top Iranian adviser threatens to expose those who TOOK BRIBES to make the Iran deal happen” (All caps emphasis added)

Rush Limbaugh spent a good part of last week wondering why the Democrats were so invested in the Iran deal…and why they frantically attacked the President for dumping it.

Being exposed for taking bribes to get the Iran deal passed may explain everything…

You think?

Despite ‘Trump campaign spy’ rhetoric…our bet is they were just useful idiots

Many on the Right are hyperventilating over the speculation that there was a deepstate FBI ‘spy’ embedded in Trump’s campaign – we’re betting it was a ‘useful idiot’.

BlueCollar believes fringe campaign aides Carter Page and Papadopoulos were being used as unwitting dupes to justify obtaining FISA warrants to surveille Donald Trump.

Speculation over UK-based Stefan Halper seems to support our theory, and it should be only a matter of time before we learn the basis for those FISA warrant applications.

According to reports Halper’s a  U.S. citizen with useful British intelligence contacts, but dramatic, eye-opening claims of ‘spies’ in Mr. Trump’s campaign seems unlikely…

…especially since unwitting-but-useful dupes like Papadopolous and Page existed.

Claims of ‘spies’ sell newspapers and boost TV viewership, but aren’t realistic.

After all, why would such senior deepstate operatives chance potential exposure by an embed-lackey, when fringe aides eager to appear in-the-know served the purpose?

Anti-Trump senior counter-intelligence leadership in the CIA and FBI didn’t need a spy; they just needed a reason for their FISA surveillance applications…

…and useful idiots fulfilled that need.

When should a ‘good’ Democrat vote for…a ‘bad’ Republican? (or, vice versa)

When should a ‘good’ Democrat vote for…a ‘bad’ Republican? (or, vice versa)

We would suggest…when what’s making America great is working.

“Poll: Optimism in Direction of Country Hits 11-Year High Under Trump”

“Tax Revenues Jump 13% To Record High In April — When Will Dems Admit They Were Wrong About Trump’s Tax Cuts?”

“Don’t Look Now, But Minority Unemployment Is At Record Lows Under Trump”

“Trumping North Korea” 

“South Korea president says Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize”

“Israeli group mints Trump coin to honor Jerusalem recognition”

“…Thanks to Trump, U.S.-Israel Relations Are at Their Strongest Ever”

“5 top ISIS leaders captured in latest blow to militant group”

“‘Hate-Trump Media’ Can’t Handle All The Winning”

“COMPLETE LIST of the Results of the Incredible Trump Economy=> The Biggest Story Not Being Told Today”

Was Trump aide Carter Page the ‘secret inside informant’ for the FBI?

Seems Justice Dept obstruction and redaction of documents are meant to obscure and keep the name of the FBI’s embedded informant secret…which begs the question…

…was Carter Page (a long-time FBI informant) embedded in the Trump campaign as a Trojan Horse…to justify FISA applications allowing surveillance of the Trump team?

Some may say it was to watch for collusion, but it smells like he served the FBI as a great ‘justification’ for FISA applications though they knew full well he worked for them.

Got that? If it turns out to be Carter Page, did Obama’s FBI toadie Comey embed him in the Trump campaign as their boy…then use his Russia background for FISA apps?

And, we don’t mean to imply Mr. Page knew he was being used then…but could just be a convenient excuse the DOJ’s using now…to obscure some Obama-era chicanery.


Who in their right mind wants to protect the leading global sponsor of terror?

Part of the Obama-Iran deal obligates the U.S. to protect Iran from attacks or sabotage.

JCPOA, Section 10 titled Nuclear Security:

“E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, are prepared to cooperate with Iran on the implementation of nuclear security guidelines and best practices.”

Iran’s presently firing rockets at Israel from Syrian bases. Israel has hit those bases.

By getting out of the fatally flawed Iran-Obama deal, President Trump has made sure there is no ‘gray area’ with regard to helping Iran…at the expense of our ally, Israel.

And, for those who question the obligation to side with Israel, we ask this question: when was the last time Israel funded terrorists to attack on American soil?

End of lesson.