Time for this President to open up a can of constitutional Whoop-Ass

We were willing to give the special counsel a benefit of the doubt when he was appointed, but now his staffing decisions seem to confirm it’s a witch-hunt, not a counter-intel probe.

President Trump is within his rights to demand an explanation of Mueller’s staffing activity, and can rightfully dismiss the special counsel if answers don’t satisfy minimum standards.

Face it, even his decision to not prosecute Hillary two weeks after taking office didn’t deter the Left’s attack dogs from continuing their unjustified, baseless attacks against him.

If the President’s damned no matter what, he may as well get aggressive.

The fourth amendment protects American citizens from illegal search-&-seizure, based on probable cause…but it would appear the special counsel wants to forgo such justification.

(“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”)

After a FULL YEAR of finding no evidence for their acts, it would appear ‘unreasonable’, ‘probable cause’, ‘particularly describing’ requirements aren’t honored by the Left.

That being the case further strengthens the President, if he decides to dismiss Mueller.

The November election, and EVERY special election since, has demonstrated that in the court of public opinion President Trump has the confidence of the American electorate.

Our Nation, our Constitution was foundational in rebelling against tyranny, and there’s no other way to describe what the Left and their media masters are trying to pull now.

So, if the Left chooses to continue imposing their implacable tyrannical will…

…Mr. President, exercise your constitutional right to dismiss Mueller, and…

…in the spirit of ‘the best defense is a good offense’ it’s time for opening an investigation into Team Obama’s unlawful activities, and re-opening the Hillary email probe.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, sir…fighting fire with smiles isn’t working.

It’s time to light them up.

There’s a $1 dollar solution for Mueller’s hiring of 14 (& counting) lawyers

Why would a counter-intelligence investigation require so many criminal lawyers?

DEMOCRAT lawyers.

That’s the question surrounding special counsel Mueller…and his staffing actions.

Cynics that we are, BCP is guessing it’s all about feeding at the government trough, and if that’s the case, the House of Representatives may have the ideal solution to the problem.

The Holman Rule.

As reported in January, the rule allows Congress to cut a federal worker’s pay to $1, by amending the appropriations designated for that segment of the government.

Can you imagine how many Democrat lawyers will stay on at a $1 annual salary?

Once enacting the rule, we may no longer have to ask why criminal lawyers are involved in an investigation of counter-intel issues…more suitably performed by intel experts.

(What lawyer works for $1/year…especially a Democrat lawyer?)

Now that Trump says there are no recordings, will Comey ‘find’ more memos?

We can’t help but wonder how long it will be before former FBI dir. Comey comes up with memos he suddenly ‘discovers’, now that Mr. Trump says meetings weren’t recorded.

And, of course, the ‘discovered’ memos would be damaging to the President.

Could happen folks. The media would be ecstatic to keep trying to damage Trump.

(And, in that case, we can’t help but hope that Mr. Trump is just kidding.)

Why do media giants & Democrats hate minorities and the poor?

If you deliberately stoked class warfare flames to support issues and legislature that you knew would specifically harm the poor and minorities, that’s bigoted and racist, right?

Then, ipso facto, ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-NY Times et al are bigoted and racist.

We accuse the media, because those who control the message control the masses. The politician is no more than a useful idiot puppet-mastered by the media to push an agenda.

So, when Democrat politicians push their class-warfare message, to be successful they need the power of mass communication that their media masters provide…and control.

Lacking concrete ideas, Democrat politicians push hand-out agendas appealing to poor and minorities. But the short-term benefits turn into a long-term nightmare for them.

Minimum wage hikes that promise higher wages at entry-level are a striking example:

The hikes are proven to cause job losses and cut-backs, and suppress new jobs offered, hurting those at the bottom of the employment ladder, but the Left pushes it aggressively.

Restricting domestic oil drilling is another example. Such a policy restricts supply, causing an artificial shortage, hikes the cost of oil…and raises gas-and-diesel prices at the pump.

Guess what groups are hurt worse? Yep, the minorities and poor/low-income crowd.

Democrats and their media task-masters continue to push Big Government, socialist style programs, ignoring the fact there’s NO example of a successful global version in history. 

Why does the media and their Democrat toadies, continue this harmful charade?

Why push policies that hurt the very groups they purport to champion?

It serves their power-hungry, money-hungry agenda.

Why did Democrats block the FBI & DHS from investigating DNC hack?

The only thing more bizarre than Democrats and their media puppet-masters pushing the ‘Russia-hacked-election’ scandal…is they refused to let the FBI investigate DNC hacking.

They used a private company – with Clinton ties – to make that conclusion. (They had to, if they wanted to keep the DNC’s pre-convention anti-Bernie Sanders treachery quiet.)

Which means the ‘Russia-hacked’ lie is based on a claim…paid for by the DNC.

Which means the delegitimize-Trump attack is simply a vile Democrat-funded smear

…which should come as no surprise.

What is surprising – Republican silence about this circular duplicity.

President laughing his Ossoff…it’s a referendum on Trump all right…

Georgia election results show it’s not about the media’s pre-election bad polling data’.

The so-called pre-election ‘polling’ was meant to drive a narrative intended to suppress the GOP vote and excite the Democrat vote by implying  a huge Democrat backlash…

…that never existed, and STILL DOESN’T.

(And, of course, the media will remind us this wasn’t a referendum on Democrats.)

But, you know what, we agree with pre-election prognosticators on one point…

…it IS a referendum on Trump…

…and there are some Republicans in Congress who better wise up to that.

After 5 months on the job, all he can claim is…

It’s been 5 months since Donald Trump was inaugurated, and IBD sums it up

“The only side effects of the Trump presidency have been massive job creation, a new Supreme Court justice, stock market records, lower unemployment, congressional action on the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, aggressive tax-reform proposals, a successful foreign policy that has terrorists on the run, a respected America back leading the world, strengthened relationships with our most-trusted allies, and the elimination of costly and unnecessary Obama-era regulations.”

And, gosh…we’re all still here, the world hasn’t melted.

Hey, it didn’t take foreign meddling to expose a LOUSY candidate

Let’s face it, Democrats…your candidate sucked.

It didn’t take ‘Russian meddling’ to expose what the entire Nation plainly saw.

Even a partisan sham-stream media couldn’t whitewash that obvious truth.

And, to the extent illegal aliens are foreign, the fact even millions of them illegally voting couldn’t manage to get Hillary dragged across the Finish line should say something.

The phrase you’ll never hear an opposition Democrat party mention…

The one phrase you’ll never hear an opponent Democrat party mention is…

…’better ideas’.

So when, just days after a Bernie Sanders supporter shoots a Republican congressman, Senator Sanders tells his voters to get out there and ‘fight ANY WAY possible’…

…and doesn’t mention ‘in the arena of ideas or solutions‘…

…the logical assumption is, using Republicans for target practice is okay with him.

Because, where Republicans are all about honesty on issues…

…Democrats are all about hysteria.

The shooting of Congressman Scalise by a Sanders supporter should have been a wake-up call to the Left, but it looks like Bernie Sanders refuses to take that call.