If ‘criminal’ is less loathsome than bluntness, then sure…Democrats can win elections

Nation Headline: “Democrats Can Win in Alabama—and Everywhere”

Why the surprise?

Millions of Democrats voted ‘criminal’ as opposed to ‘bluntness’ in November.

A political Party that gave Hillary Clinton a presidential nomination pretty much proves the Democrats have no problem with criminals and liars in their midst.

“…should’ve left them in jail?” Outrage? Let’s have that conversation

The father of one of the punks caught shoplifting in China and subsequently jailed has told ESPN President Trump did no favor getting his boy released because, get this…

‘They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.’

Shoplifting hundreds of dollars in goods is nothing? Hey, punk-daddy, those weren’t Big Lots sunglasses – those were Louis Vuitton sunglasses, usually (minimum) $400.

And, from news reports, they didn’t just steal from one store, but 3 stores.

Punk-daddy ends his ESPN interview on this low note: “I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses. My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn’t define him.” Unhhhh…NO…

Your son was in a foreign nation, by invitation, and yeah…his bad decision defines him.

As for the President responding (after punk-daddy disrespected his effort to get the punks free) that he ‘should’ve left them in jail” – those who feel it was unpresidential to say so may want to re-think their opinion that it was his job to intervene.

It isn’t a president’s job to intervene for every American punk that breaks laws in foreign countries. Their criminal act put him in a precarious situation, unnecessarily obligating him to a foreign leader by calling in a favor. He could’ve left it to the State Dept, but chose instead to put himself in a difficult place by getting involved himself.

The three kids thanked him, but then punk-daddy showed his true nature (and displayed the probable reason why his son felt it was ok to steal by passing it off as no big thing).

This isn’t about the President, people…

…it’s about an entitlement mentality of America’s young punks…


As far as we’re concerned, a couple more days in jail waiting for the State Dept to weigh in would’ve probably been the smarter way to go on the President’s part.

Is this a ‘new era of heightened awareness’…or the next era of electoral COERCION?

As the talking heads pontificate over consequences for sexual misconduct, the real question is being overlooked, seemingly in a very deliberate and unsettling manner.

Sure, sexual misconduct is unconscionable…even actionable, in some cases. And the victims of such abuse always deserve to be heard, and given consideration.

But, do those victims have an incontestable status? Is there no need for burden of proof, when lives or careers of those accused are hanging in the balance?

We all know there are always those who would abuse the privilege such an untouchable status would provide – be it for attention, power, glory, money…or spite. (And we’ve all seen that political Parties are not above the use of a smear to gain partisan advantage.)

In today’s heightened partisan scrum, that’s an important fact to remember. During the height of rancor in Bill Clinton’s escapades, a vile Democrat pundit said if you ‘drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.’ And it’s not beyond the pale to believe Democrats may have been trolling trailer-parks of late.

Knowing the chicanery Democrats are capable of, is it wrong to be skeptical?

They’ve weaponized the intelligence agencies against political opponents, fabricated sleaze documents to smear a Presidential candidate…does anyone think they’re not ready to pad the bank accounts of a few women willing to help smear Roy Moore?

We are not to blame for a healthy cynicism that Democrats created through misdeeds.

Having seen the depths that Party will sink to for political advantage, to accuse as being insensitive or callous those who ask for proof from Moore accusers IS beyond the pale.

Yes – those who claim abuse deserve to be heard…as do those they accuse. Any less a standard opens the door for the manipulative, to many levels of mud-slinging tactics.

Who among us is willing to let their lives be smeared, ruined…without challenge?

Difference between ‘presumed innocent’ and ‘presumed guilty’? The (D) or (R) after their name

As the media’s no-proof-needed lynching of Roy Moore continues apace, it goes without saying the difference between ‘presumed innocent or guilty’ is a (D) or (R).

While many scratch their heads over why so many still support Roy Moore, we’re not surprised…considering growing distrust of the ‘give-a-Democrat-a-pass’ media…

…and the fact it’s the SAME biased media trying to torch Roy Moore now.

Whether the issue is personal, political, or criminal, one standard should be golden…

…burden of proof.

We have several reasons to doubt some of Moore’s accusers (one had a divorce action dismissed when he was the judge, another has a dubious personal history of failure, he wasn’t banned from a mall, the parking lot where activity occurred seems non-existent, and Gloria Allred has a problem with verifying a Roy Moore signature)…

…but we have no reason to doubt other accusers…

…just as we have no reason to doubt Roy Moore.

Burden of proof will provide the reasoning – so bring it on, ladies.

It’s the media’s misconduct in not holding Democrats accountable that needs to be discussed

Sure – now that they want to tear down a Republican Roy Moore with unfounded (and in some cases possibly fraudulent) sexual misconduct allegations, they’re suddenly ready to talk about (and make noises of condemnation) over Bill Clinton’s misconduct.

Today’s ‘kick Bill Clinton he‘a-culpa-fest’ is just a momentary opportunistic ploy in their continued battle against Republicans…clearing the way so they can stomp Roy Moore into the mud without (as of today) a shred of evidence or proof he did anything wrong.

But Bill-the-Zipper’s decades-old misconduct is not the issue, at this point…unless you look at it in a larger scheme of WHERE THE HELL WAS THE MEDIA for years?

Because, let’s face it – when the temporary faux-angst over turning a blind eye to the Democrat Bigs like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy ends, and the  ‘hate-all-things-Roy-Moore/Republican’ mushrooms…it’s gonna be blind-eye time again for Democrats.

EVERYONE knew Clinton’s predatory game…

…the Democrat-Left media gave him a pass to PLAY it.

The real culprit here isn’t a pathetic low-life Democrat – it’s his media enablers.

‘We want to disrespect the flag & the country…but, wait, wait…we want stadium tax-breaks too’

Tone-deaf…? You make the call.

NFL steps into politics, fights tax cut bill with no stadium bond breaks

Yeah – they disrespect our flag with ‘racist’ lies about over-aggressive police and an over-oppressive nation, then scream when federal tax-break handouts are cut off.

Who needs the ThugFL?

Some enterprising backers should think about starting a Patriot’s League.

(Otherwise, BlueCollar doesn’t watch professional football.)

Sure, they’ll condemn Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct…when it costs them nothing to do so

A majority of Hillary Clinton voters say the sexual misconduct accusations against Bill Clinton are “credible,” according to a new poll.

Of course they say that…now.

They have to – they’re trying to bring down Roy Moore…without a shred of evidence.

Even a Democrat can’t be so hypocritical, when there was solid evidence against Bill ‘the Zipper’…and they gave him a pass for 20 years anyway.