A right to be heard? Sure. A right to be believed? Unhhh…

Welcome to Democrat-world.

With these people…any day now we expect to hear Kavanaugh’s a closet Klansman.

The despicable nature of politics took another downward turn into slime-hell with latest revelations of a 36-year old, secret-til-now, claim of sexual misconduct while a minor.

It’s reported the accuser is an anti-Trump activist, and (wonder-of-all-wonders) just happened (?) to totally ‘scrub her social media presence’ before making accusations.

Naturally, those opposed to the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination want a hold on the proceedings so they can draw the matter out and use it for fodder until midterms.

And, yes – even far-Left Democrat activists must get an opportunity to be heard when serious allegations of sexual misconduct are made, ‘cuz, you know, she’s a Democrat.

Never mind this is a 36+ year-old allegation just surfacing…or that even she admitted to being underage at a drinking party…which means she may have been drinking too.

Never mind the only ‘witness’ to said allegation says it’s total ‘BS’never happened.

Never mind the scrubbing of social media to appear totally benign in political leanings.

Especially never mind her far-Left Party affiliations…did you expect a Republican to step up at this late date, to hurl charges against a Trump Supreme Court nominee?

(Full disclosure…Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have not returned our calls.)

Anyone has a right to speak…but a ‘right’ to be believed is not gender-specific…

…or political-Party specific.

And, consider this: if a classmate sexually assaults someone, why wait through 1) high school years, 2) college years, and 3) two decades of judgeships…to hurl accusations?

How does anyone know someone, someday, might just be a Supreme Court nominee?

At the risk of incurring female activist wrath…this just doesn’t pass the smell test.

Failing to speak up – until this moment in time – and then expect everything to come to a screeching halt in the process is a bridge too far…specially when, once allegations were specific, dozens of Kavanaugh’s female classmates signed a letter in his defense.

A bridge too far…unless, of course, you’re a Democrat.

At this point, many wonder why anyone would serve in a Republican administration…

…which is the mindset Democrat activists are working hard to implant.

There’s an old saying that, when mud-wrestling a pig…only the pig enjoys it. And, with that in mind, ask yourself – what kind of person enjoys this measure of slime-politics?

Ssooo, attacks on media are ‘really dangerous’, but attacks on a President…aren’t?

“Jeff Bezos: Trump’s attacks on media ‘really dangerous'”

Spoken like a true billionaire who owns…media outlets.

Sorry, Jeff, but calling for an honest media doesn’t quite rise to the danger level…

…as opposed to, say…using FakeNews to rip apart the legitimacy of a Nation’s leader.

Bezos is all about profits – the President’s all about American lives.

Big difference? We think so.

How the BIG LIE about ‘excessive CEO pay’ keeps going

It’s easy to create a huge pay-gap between what top CEO’s make compared to workers when they take a few of the high-flier CEO’s…but compare to ALL American workers.

So, the next time your union buddies say CEO’s make 300 times what he makes, tell them that’s only in the parallel universe where the class-warfare liars live.

In actuality, when all CEO’s are in the mix, the CEO-to-worker pay ratio is 4-to-1.

An honest media wouldn’t allow such deceitful claims to stand…

…but then – when was the last time we had an HONEST media?

California’s limousine-liberals are driving the jalopy-poor into the ditch…AGAIN

For those unfamiliar with the ‘limousine-liberal’ descriptive, it designates rich ivory-tower elitists who preach down to the lesser fortunate…while maintaining THEIR lifestyle.

Their policies ‘claim’ to be environmentally friendly, when in actuality they could better be described as WALLET-friendly…for the fat-cats heavily invested in green programs.

Unfortunately, their policies jack up energy costs, which hurt the many in poverty, the lower middle class, and the elderly on fixed incomes…you knowtheir constituents.

Now they’ve done it again

…the strangle-hold on California by Democrats just got more restricting, because its Governor ‘Moonbeam’ just signed a ‘carbon-free’ energy mandate bill for electricity.

So, we’re paying at the pump, ‘cuz they’re charging more taxes on a gallon of gas, and just when you thought the lunacy was easing, electric bills are going to go sky-high.

As if they weren’t already – Californians pay 60% more than anywhere else in the USA.

Electricity powers more than homes…it touches everything manufactured or serviced as well, which means higher food-&-clothing costs, higher priced material goods, etc.

There’s only one way to stop this madness…at the VOTING BOOTH.

The only way to stop a Democrat from dipping into your wallet…vote ’em out of office.

Welcome to the alternate universe of Dueling Logic

When it comes to circular logic…no one does it better than the Left.

“House, Senate leaders strike spending deal, tie Trump’s hands on shutdown”

(underline emphasis added, here and below)

On the other hand…sub-headline to the article above…

“If the president vetoes it, however, he could force the government to close.”

Got that, his hands are tied…but not.

Glad they cleared that up for us.