6 months later, the REAL bombshell of Mueller’s report goes unremarked

No evidence of Trump-Russia collusion; tons of evidence of Hillary-Russia collusion.

The special counsel investigation was to address ‘…ALL matters that may arise…’ and, yet, not a single mention in the report of ESTABLISHED duplicity by Clinton’s campaign.

We’re not sure what’s more incredible – media complicity in perpetuating false ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion…or media complicity in collectively ignoring real collusion that existed.

Every lead that tied in with Democrats was left to waste away by the Mueller team.

We understand the media lap-dog complicity; we’re astounded by the GOP’s complicity.

Weak-kneed Republicans should demand a special counsel to look into Mueller’s team.

Their continued silence on this is DEAFENING.

“This is ‘The Greatest Generation’ of soldiers…They may never be equaled”

At WarriorLodge.com, a stirring tribute to today’s American Fighting Men:

A French Soldier’s View of US Soldiers in Afghanistan

By Wes O’Donnell, Army & Air Force Veteran, Speaker, TV Host
What follows is an account from a French ISAF soldier that was stationed with American Warfighters in Afghanistan sometime in the past 6 years.  This was copied and translated from an editorial French newspaper.
“We have shared our daily life with two US units for quite a while – they are the first and fourth companies of a prestigious infantry battalion whose name I will withhold for the sake of military secrecy. To the common man, it is a unit just like any other. But we live with them and got to know them, and we henceforth know that we have the honor to live with one of the most renowned units of the US Army – one that the movies brought to the public as series showing “ordinary soldiers thrust into extraordinary events”. Who are they, those soldiers from abroad, how is their daily life, and what support do they bring to the men of our OMLT every day? Few of them belong to the Easy Company, the one the TV series focuses on. This one nowadays is named Echo Company, and it has become the support company.
They have a terribly strong American accent – from our point of view the language they speak is not even English. How many times did I have to write down what I wanted to say rather than waste precious minutes trying various pronunciations of a seemingly common word? Whatever State they are from, no two accents are alike and they even admit that in some crisis situations they have difficulties understanding each other. Heavily built, fed at the earliest age with Gatorade, proteins, and creatine- they are all heads and shoulders taller than us and their muscles remind us of Rambo. Our frames are amusingly skinny to them – we are wimps, even the strongest of us – and because of that they often mistake us for Afghans.
And they are impressive warriors! We have not come across bad ones, as strange as it may seem to you when you know how critical French people can be. Even if some of them are a bit on the heavy side, all of them provide us everyday with lessons in infantry know-how. Beyond the wearing of a combat kit that never seems to discomfort them (helmet strap, helmet, combat goggles, rifles etc.) the long hours of watch at the outpost never seem to annoy them in the slightest. On the one square meter wooden tower above the perimeter wall, they stand the five consecutive hours in full battle rattle and night vision goggles on top, their sight unmoving in the directions of likely danger. No distractions, no pauses, they are like statues nights and days. At night, all movements are performed in the dark – only a handful of subdued red lights indicate the occasional presence of a soldier on the move. Same with the vehicles whose lights are covered – everything happens in pitch dark even filling the fuel tanks with the Japy pump. Here we discover America as it is often depicted: their values are taken to their paroxysm, often amplified by promiscuity and the loneliness of this outpost in the middle of that Afghan valley.
And combat? If you have seen Rambo you have seen it all – always coming to the rescue when one of our teams gets in trouble, and always in the shortest delay. That is one of their tricks: they switch from T-shirt and sandals to combat ready in three minutes. Arriving in contact with the enemy, the way they fight is simple and disconcerting: they just charge! They disembark and assault in stride, they bomb first and ask questions later – which cuts any pussyfooting short. Honor, motherland – everything here reminds of that: the American flag floating in the wind above the outpost, just like the one on the post parcels. Even if recruits often originate from the hearth of American cities and gang territory, no one here has any goal other than to hold high and proud of the star spangled banner. Each man knows he can count on the support of a whole people who provides them through the mail all that an American could miss in such a remote front-line location: books, chewing gums, razorblades, Gatorade, toothpaste etc. In such a way that every man is aware of how much the American people backs him in his difficult mission. And that is the first shock to our preconceptions: the American soldier is no individualist. The team, the group, the combat team are the focus of all his attention.
(Editor’s Note: This is the main area where I’d like to comment. Anyone with a passing knowledge of Kipling knows the lines from Chant Pagan: ‘If your officer’s dead and the sergeants look white/remember it’s ruin to run from a fight./ So take open order, lie down, sit tight/ And wait for supports like a soldier./ This, in fact, is the basic philosophy of both British and Continental soldiers. ‘In the absence of orders, take a defensive position.’ Indeed, virtually every army in the world. The American soldier and Marine, however, are imbued from early in their training with the ethos: In the Absence of Orders: Attack! Where other forces, for good or ill, will wait for precise orders and plans to respond to an attack or any other ‘incident’, the American force will simply go, counting on firepower and SOP to carry the day.
This is one of the great strengths of the American force in combat and it is something that even our closest allies, such as the Brits and Aussies (that latter being closer by the way) find repeatedly surprising. No wonder it surprises the hell out of our enemies.)
We seldom hear any harsh word, and from 5 AM onwards the camp chores are performed in beautiful order and always with excellent spirit. A passing American helicopter stops near a stranded vehicle just to check that everything is alright; an American combat team will rush to support ours before even knowing how dangerous the mission is – from what we have been given to witness, the American soldier is a beautiful and worthy heir to those who liberated France and Europe.
To those who bestow us with the honor of sharing their combat outposts and who everyday give proof of their military excellence, to those who pay the daily tribute of America’s army’s deployment on Afghan soil, to those we owned this article, ourselves hoping that we will always remain worthy of them and to always continue hearing them say that we are all the same band of brothers”.
Personal Thoughts About the Article:
For much of this article, the various veterans reading will go ‘Well, duh. Of course, we do our ‘camp chores’ and stand our posts in good order. There’s a reason for them and if we didn’t we’d get our heads handed to us eventually. And, yeah, we’re in shape. Makes battle easier. The more you sweat, the less you bleed.’
What is hard for most people to comprehend is that that attitude represented only the most elite units of the past. Current everyday conventional boring ‘leg infantry’ units exceed the PT levels and training levels of most Special Forces during the Vietnam War. They exceed both of those as well as IQ and educational levels of Waffen SS, WWII Rangers, WWII Airborne and British ‘Commando’ units during WWII. Their per-unit combat-functionality is essentially unmeasurable because it has to be compared to something and there’s nothing comparable in industrial period combat history.
This group is so much better than ‘The Greatest Generation’ at war than WWII vets who really get a close look at how good these kids are, and stand in absolute awe.
Everyone complains about the quality of ‘the new guys.’ Don’t. The screw-ups of this modern generation are head and shoulders above the ‘high-medium’ of any past group. Including mine. So much of ‘The scum of the earth, enlisted for drink.’
This is ‘The Greatest Generation’ of soldiers.
They may never be equaled.”

…and just when we thought they couldn’t go lower…

“California’s Newsom signs bill allowing citizens to refuse to help a police officer”

What’s happening in this Nation is nothing short of disgusting and despicable; while we’d normally address the situation, this American Thinker article says it all:

The Left’s determination to destroy us from within
by Patricia McCarthy

“How deranged and thoroughly despicable are the California and national Left?  How depraved is Governor Newsom?  They and he are a collective blight on the nation.  They are not alone in their immorality, in their contempt for civilized society.  Democrats, who have long led their hostage cities and states to inevitable decline, are absolutely to blame for the destruction of their disintegrating realms.  Candidate Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America,” and he succeeded in doing just that.  He pushed the Democratic Party from what was a semblance of JFK liberalism to abject Alinskyite hate-America radicalism.
The Democrats now champion socialism, restrictions on free speech, post-term abortion, and the doxing and blacklisting of those with opinions they find unacceptable.  They support the abrogation of the Second Amendment.  In their view, only criminals should and will have guns.  And indeed, they will — like the man who killed seven people in Odessa, Texas, but who failed the background check but still acquired a gun.
Of course he did.  That is what criminals do: break laws for which they have no respect.  Despite that essential truth, the Left wants to prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves.  The Left wants law-abiding citizens to be sitting ducks, defenseless against the likes of each and every one of the recent mass shooters.
The more people the maniacs kill, the better they think their goal of gun confiscation will be achieved.  Any sentient person with common sense knows that this is exactly wrong.  The Left believes that conservatives who support the Second Amendment, and the rest of the Bill of Rights, are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, incapable of reason.  They think they will soon fall for their gun control nonsense.  They will not.  Maine is now the safest state thanks to its “anyone can carry” law.
Governor Newsom of California has reached into the gutter for a new and obscene low.  So dishonorable is this man that he signed into law a bill that “struck down a more than century-old law that required any able-bodied persons 18 years of age or older to assist a police officer who requested help during an arrest.”  San Francisco, Newsom’s former mayoral gig, just named the NRA a terrorist organization.  Next on their agenda will be to designate the U.S. military as a terrorist organization.  That is how much the Left hates the country that has made them wealthy and comfortable and put them in positions of power to control the lives of others.
Newsom, and the rest of the Democrat governors and mayors that destroyed their own states and cities, have not only ruined the municipalities that they control, but have destroyed countless lives — namely, of those who barely subsist on the streets of these cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago.  (Chicago and Baltimore are the murder capitals of the nation.  Both have among the strictest gun control laws in the nation.)  They willingly promulgate the drug use of their homeless (they pass out free syringes) and seem to tolerate the vast homeless encampments and all they entail: discarded needles, public defecation, crime, disease — in short, the destruction of the cities they’ve been allowed to take over and ruin.
It is not an exaggeration to say that today’s Left is a scourge upon this nation.  No one who values civility and respect for our law enforcement men and women should cast a vote for any Democrat, anywhere.  They pander, promise, and lie.  They defend Antifa!  And now they openly and officially oppose our law enforcement personnel.
Every Democrat presidential candidate opposes ICE, the agency tasked with stemming the tide of illegal immigration.  All of them have implicitly admitted their contempt for our police and sanctioned violence against them.  They clearly value illegal migrants over citizens.  Newsom’s bill is effectively an anti-police bill.  It is difficult to imagine a moment in the past in which any citizen would not have rushed to the defense of a police officer in need of help.  They were, and still are, our heroes, men and women who sign up to risk their lives to defend us.
The American Left is pushing to transform America into a fascist/communist country.  Climate hysteria is just one avenue they’ve chosen to deceive us.  Frighten the public, disarm the public, control the public.  Is there an upside to this?  Not in a million years.  Ask the Jews of Germany in the 1930s–1940s, or in New York right now.  Ask the citizens of Venezuela, Cuba, or Hong Kong.  The Founders knew exactly why the Second Amendment is so vital to our liberty.
The American Left, for the moment its depravity exposed by Gavin Newsom, is a disgrace.  They are anti-American.  This is now a discernible fact.  The Left under President Obama weaponized our law enforcement institutions, including the FBI, DOJ, and IRS.  Young people are now taught that law enforcement, every branch of it, and the men and women who risk their lives to protect us are the bad guys to be “milk-shaked” and mocked at every opportunity, and the criminals, illegal or not, are the good guys, always the victims.  A San Francisco court just overturned the last charge against the man who killed Kate Steinle!
The Left has turned our nation’s civil structure and our legal system upside-down, and leftists are proud of themselves for doing it!  And they are so deluded that they think they are virtue-signaling heroes when in fact they are enemies of Western civilization.  The oft-cited quote by Lincoln was prescient: “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”  The Left is working hard to do just that, destroy us from within.  President Trump is the savior who has selflessly thrown himself upon the pyre of their fury to save the nation.  No wonder they hate him so much.

DISGUSTING doesn’t begin to address the Left’s agenda. This quote’s worth repeating:
“No one who values civility and respect for our law enforcement men and women should cast a vote for any Democrat, anywhere.”


‘Nuff said.

(Pssst…hey buddy, did you hear the latest about the economy…?)

…and the answer is: ‘Not if you only listen to FakeNews’.

As reported at Breitbart.com (but hardly anywhere else: “The U.S. Economy Created 130,000 Jobs in August, Wage Growth Accelerated, Unemployment 3.7%”

And, there’s more: “Over the past 12 months, average hourly earnings have increased by 3.2 percent. Unemployment among African Americans fell to 5.5 percent, the lowest level on record…labor force participation rate edged up to 63.2 percent in August…”

“Consumer spending and the labor market have been strong. Data released Thursday showed worker compensation rising strongly and well-above inflation.” (bold added)

OMG – what’s a FakeNews organization to do?

Judging by the NY Times & CNN…just keep pushing the ‘Trump-racist’ narrative.

(But the only way to make that stick is if minorities object to having a job.)

Of course fighting ‘what-if?’ computer modeling is challenging

“Buttigieg says fighting climate could be ‘more challenging’ than winning World War II”

Could be? Anytime you try to fight their shifting computer modeling, it’s a challenge.

And THAT’S ALL THEY’VE GOT…computer modeling based on incomplete or out-of-context data, tweaked temperature info, and a climate-industrial complex to push it.

We’d link to all the fraud involved, but previous posts have done that…

…and, frankly, we’re tired of all this ‘climate-change’ lying.


Wait – we changed our collective mind. Here you go…

It’s all about the money people…

…billionaires and those heavily invested in green tech NEED to keep lying.

Why let go of FakeNews faking the news?

“Day 4: Trump still hasn’t let go of outdated Dorian warning for Alabama”

In early days of predicting that hurricane’s path, forecasters showed a travel cone that threatened Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. As the hurricane then veered dead-north…

…FakeNews went crazy-south, ridiculing Pres Trump for saying it threatened Alabama.

They still bring it up to demean him, without mentioning original path predictions…

…but you don’t see any ‘Day 4; Media still hasn’t let go of ridiculing’ headlines.

Hammering FakeNews for continually FAKING the news is not beating a dead horse.

If they’d let it go, he would – in the meantime, when they FAKE it…he should FIGHT it.

San Francisco’s leaders show why their city’s gone to the dumps

Streets of San Francisco, littered with homeless and their human waste. ‘Rat Patrol’ takes on a whole new meaning if one’s in the mood for a night-time stroll.

It wasn’t always that way, but this latest move by it’s leaders show how it got there.

The SF board of supervisors just declared the Nat’l Rifle Assoc as a domestic terror organization, because that group supports the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

Their city is WASTING away…and they waste their time on posturing against the NRA?

A group that SUPPORTS our Constitutional rights?

Need an answer why San Francisco is a feces-infested rathole? There it is.

We’d suggest checking state/fed records to see if they’re gun owners, but hey…

…hypocrisy is what they do.