If NC governor won’t cooperate, why not hold GOP Convention on U.S. military site like Camp Lejeune or Fort Bragg?

What better venue for supporting our U. S. Military, and local area businesses in North Carolina, then holding the Republican Convention at Fort Bragg or Camp Lejeune?

Talk about multi-tasking…building a complex to fit would be an upgrade for the military site, give huge optics for our military, and provide local businesses huge revenues.

Once a Marine, always a Marine…we favor Lejeune, but Bragg is close to Fayetteville.

Regardless, running the convention on a military site puts it under Federal control…

…not politically-motivated (NC governor is a Democrat) state control.

Yeah, yeah, we know…

…probably not lawful to use U.S. military reservations in support of a political Party, but then, what’s lawful about violating our constitutional liberties by governors?

You’d think one town/city would consider ‘lock-down sanctuary’ status, in time for the Republican Party to get off their backsides and build a venue where it’d be most helpful.

Just sayin’…

Fear-Mongering…for Dummies – time to kill that snake

Over three years, they’ve been labeled FakeNews, exposed for what they are. In a daily ritual, their attempts to drive a certain agenda are exposed…and they’re not happy.

In efforts to regain their power and control, media – along with their politician lapdogs in similar desire to regain control – have settled on Fear as the catalyst for their strategy.

Wuhan Flu Fear. It’s been driven to dizzying extremes, with deceitful fear-mongering.

Nothing explains the media’s manipulation of public emotions better than a short dialogue in a b-grade movie ‘The Shipping News’ with Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench. Attempting to start a new life, Spacey’s character moves to remote Newfoundland and, with experience in print inksetting, applies for a job at the small home-town newspaper.

To his surprise, the owner wants him to be a reporter. Spacey protests his inexperience, and the editor/owner opens a door on media’s ever-thus efforts to grip public attention.

“See that storm to the East, how would you report that?” Spacey’s character responds “Storm approaches town.” “No” the owner replies “Dangerous storm threatens town’s existence.” “But what happens if the town isn’t hurt by the storm?” Spacey asks.

“Town avoids disaster.”

And there you have it – MediaDeception101…

…introduce a Fear element, stoke that Fear to maintain control of public emotions and force undivided attention, with any result shown as helped by that reporting…and always in justification of Fear-reporting…that averted suffering, or lessened its severity.

Wasn’t as bad as thought? Because of their reporting. Turned out pretty bad? Could’ve been worse, but for their reporting…either way, to them fear-mongering was justified.

But there’s a serious question never asked – why DECEPTIVE negative reporting? The hidden data, the twisted data, the outright lies, and wildly disastrous dire predictions?

If forced to explain, they’ll tell you it was necessary, to keep the public focused, but then the question becomes ‘So honest reporting isn’t ever effective for serious issues?’ at which point they’ll note ‘hey, the desired result was the goal, and can’t we move along?’

They’re Fear Promoters, media boa constrictors, never loosening their grip voluntarily, squeezing the public into panic while they masquerade in the name of ‘national media’.

So, nothing happens to Panic-Media when facts reveal deceptive fear-mongering?

As Heather McDonald reports “Every coronavirus story that does not acknowledge the prevalence of nursing home deaths among coronavirus decedents is a story that deceives the public. It is now impossible to attribute the lack of such information to mere oversight. Preliminary estimates of the share of nursing home deaths in the national count range from 35 percent to over 50 percent. At the state level, the share of nursing home deaths among coronavirus deaths is 80 percent in Minnesota and West Virginia; 73 percent in Rhode Island; 66 percent in Pennsylvania; 59 percent in Massachusetts; 58 percent in Virginia; 57 percent in Colorado; and 55 percent in Connecticut. Abroad, 57 percent of all coronavirus deaths in Spain were in nursing homes; 53 percent in Italy; and 50 percent in Sweden. Add to those deaths people outside of nursing homes who are also elderly and/or infirm with serious preexisting comorbidities and you account for nearly all coronavirus deaths.”

And if that wasn’t enough there’s this “Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?” As the writer notes “The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. We destroyed our entire country and suspended democracy all for a lie, and these people perpetrated the unscientific degree of panic. Will they ever admit the grave consequences of their error?” Short answer? NO

Mealy-mouthed justifications for hysterical fear-mongering will continue, but the facts reveal it wasn’t necessary…EXCEPT for the fact they needed it – to tank the economy.

(Destroy an economy, based on normal flu data? Okay then…Cue HYSTERIA)

Bottom Line?

They want their power back. They want their ability to manipulate the public back.

They’ll do whatever it takes to achieve those goals. Public good be damned.

Is the public okay with that?

Will we continue to see America ‘avoiding’ more disasters…that DON’T EXIST?

Isn’t it way past time, to drive a stake through this deceiving snake’s heart?

Wouldn’t a better sentence be to pay college tuition for the student cheated out of admittance?

As reported at Just-the-News today: “TV star Loughlin reportedly faces two months prison time in sentencing in college admissions scandal”


She bribed her kid’s way into college…the only one affected was the kid who didn’t get admitted because of that act…a wiser sentence would be making them pay that tuition.

Colleges have records of those requesting admission, and their rankings.

Those cheated out of admission were the ones affected. Give them recourse.

Besides, we wouldn’t want Loughlin to get Wuhan Flu in prison, right? Otherwise, by today’s logic, taxpayers would end up compensating her for getting infected.

Those we memorialize would suggest we demand the Liberties they died for

They DIED to defend our Liberty…how can we not stand, to do the same?

How would those memorialized for their ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. military feel, seeing Americans cower-in-place over what’s turned out to be a nasty flu?

It’s past time for Americans to stand tall, and demand petty tyrants explain themselves.




Are we subjects…or are we Americans?

Run, Andy, hide! (Not sure even CNN can protect you from this)

(Sometimes, we don’t have to say anything, because someone else did it better.)

Uncertain about the ‘holding their feet to the fire’ concept? Buckle up.

Andrew Cuomo blamed ‘Trump’s CDC guidelines’ for his actions, but, oops…

Here’s the Elise Stefanik takedown of NY’s governor, when he tried to blame President Trump for deaths in NY nursing homes after Cuomo ordered they take WuFlu patients.

She tweeted “Governor Cuomo continues to point fingers at the federal government. But here are the FACTS regarding CDC guidance: The Governor’s decisions to MANDATE that nursing homes accept COVID-19 patients completely disregards the case-by-case approach recommended by CDC.” And, wait…there’s more…

“CDC guidance was clear that decisions about discharging COVID-19 patients should be based on the ability of the accepting facility to meet the recommended infection control practices. This includes the ability to place residents in a designated COVID-19 care unit that is equipped…”  (1 of 3 parts, emphasis added)

“…with the resources and PPE to safely prevent the spread of infections. Additionally, CDC guidance states that if nursing homes are unable to follow CDC guidance for COVID-19 patients under Transmission-Based Precautions, they must wait until these patients are no longer…” (2 of 3 parts, emphasis added)

“…a transmission risk before accepting them. Governor Cuomo’s MANDATE requires acceptance regardless of a nursing homes capacity to safely accept COVID-19 positive cases.” (3 of 3 parts) (bold and underline emphasis added)

B-O-O-M! Down goes Cuomo.

Scientific facts aren’t always helpful but, by God, they’re scientific

It’s scientific fact if you’re dead, you probably won’t contract a virus. It’s scientific fact if you live in a bubble and don’t breathe, you probably won’t get the virus. It’s a scientific fact gargling with cyanide hourly, you probably won’t get the virus…get the picture yet?

Scientists live in their world; their expertise is not necessarily aligned with societal norms…so, while we appreciate their scientific input, we need to modify to our norm.

That’s why, despite the fact that various flu-types have been with us for decades without a vaccine that totally immunizes the Human race, we choose continuing normal lives.

This particular Wuhan Flu is no different. We recognize its existence. We’re willing to accept that those most at-risk should take steps to mitigate their vulnerability.

How hard is that to understand?

Not very hard, really…unless some try to push a – shall we say – LARGER agenda.

We’ve never stated the Wuhan Flu was a hoax…but the fear-mongering panic levels being pushed on us by an agenda-driven political Party bent on control IS the hoax.

As a true contagion rate becomes clear, we’re finding it’s pretty close to regular flu.

We suspected as much from the start.

Then, when it became clear media was relying on wildly inaccurate computer modeling and overinflated death counts to push the panic onto an American public – a public that hoped, at least this time, they were being told truth – we knew it for the hoax it was.

And, for the HOAX it continues to be.

New reported cases are down; hospitalizations are down; deaths are down…

…but the hoax lives on…

…now based on scientists who say we must be immune before we can be normal or go outside again – you know, the same scientists who gave us the computer models.

Sorry, but…N-O.

Scientists are right – immunity is the key to fending off disease…

…but as with every other flu we’ve been subjected to on an annual basis – with NO immunizing vaccine to speak of – it’s just one thing more we’ll have to live with.

Now, let’s ask media why they overhyped what’s proving to be just another flu.

Or is that the science they prefer we stay away from?

Lying has become their default sport, taken to Olympian heights


“Schumer: Obamagate Is a ‘Discredited Conspiracy’ Theory”

??? Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie…

Obamagate is the nickname for the collusion effort meant to bring down a President. In a GLARING case of gaslighting, Chuck Schumer thinks raw fact won’t stand in his way.

But, here you go…

  • FACT: Republican candidate Donald Trump and campaign aides were surveilled;
  • FACT: Surveillance was conducted by agencies under Obama’s purview;
  • FACT: Spying warrants were issued based on Democrat-funded oppo research;
  • FACT: Warrants were justified based on totally unsubstantiated predicates;
    • Exculpatory and contradicting information was hidden from FISA court
    • CrowdStrike NEVER verified DNC servers were hacked
    • Steele dossier…TO THIS DAY…is totally unsubstantiated
      • Collusion narrative was based on hacked servers & dossier claims
  • FACT: Top CIA/FBI/DNI/DoJ/DoS officials answerable to Obama were involved;
  • FACT: Sworn just-declassified testimony…all stated ‘No Evidence‘ available;
  • FACT: Same interviewees stated the opposite to media
  • FACT: Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and others lied to Congress about much of this


How else can it be described?

Every agency involved answered to Obama; not one of those agencies were ever able to produce an iota of proof; agency officials went before FISA courts and lied; agency directors continued to lie about available proof publicly, while sworn testimony said otherwise…and that includes Democrats in Congress who were at those hearings.

That’s right…including Senator Chuck ‘Liar-Liar’ Schumer.

Every one of the FACTS noted above are substantiated with hard evidence.

What else can they do? Lying is their only option.

Don’t misunderstand…we don’t see Obama going down for this. Knowing him and his ability to appear ‘scandal-free’ (right CNN?) we’ve no doubt there’s plausible deniability.

He may get listed as an unindicted co-conspirator (he was, after all, in charge of the combined federal agencies pulling the dirty work), but there’ll be nothing provable.

And there’s no way The One will be indicted, with only circumstantial evidence.

OBAMAGATE…call it what it is.

File this under ‘Blue-State elderly dead cuz Orange-Man-Bad’

“Andrew Cuomo Blames ‘Trump’s CDC’ for Nursing Home Deaths”

The NY governor signed a law requiring nursing homes to take WuFlu-positive elderly, which of course, resulted in a massive amount of nursing-home deaths in that state.

Evidently, the President put a gun to Cuomo’s head and forced him to sign the law: this from a guy who loves violating federal law…but quakes in his shoes at CDC guidance.

Will even New York’ers accept that level of idiocy?

Regardless, you can expect Democrat governors from NJ, PA, CA and MD to follow suit, as it seems they also forced similar law – death sentences for many at-risk elderly.

Typical blame-shift, from the ‘Hate-Trump’ crowd…we wonder what took ’em so long?

(Funny, though, only Democrat-strangled states seems to have done this.)

And, let’s not even repeat how they defy feds when it comes to laws they hate, or the very inconvenient fact that a CDC ‘guidance’ doesn’t equate to an ‘ORDER’…or that, generally speaking, guidance indicates as the situation-on-the-ground dictates.

Maybe they just misinterpreted real-time situations? Naahh…OrangeManBad.

Suffice to say, when the optics look bad, there’s always Trump-hate to fall back on.

Who cares if it doesn’t make sense?

Right, Andrew?

But, you know Andy, you probably shouldn’t have suggested reporters ‘go ask Trump’…

…’cuz he’s liable to point out the same thing…in a much more PUBLIC way.