CA gas-tax ‘repeal’ isn’t enough…remove EVERY politician who voted for it in Nov

California Gas-Tax Repeal Organizers See Rallying Point for GOP Voters

Don’t stop with repeal, Californians…’cuz politicians can always pass more law.

Sure, repeal bad law…but why leave in office those who PASS bad law?

27 CA senators and 54 CA assemblymen passed this bill; if they’re still in the legislature after November midterms…who’s to say they won’t just pass MORE of the same?

Since when does the Democrat Party get federal indictment powers?

Think about it – the latest Mueller indictment of Russians hinges on…

  • Spearphishing Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails;
  • ‘Hacking’ the Democrat Congressional Committee’s network;
  • ‘Hacking’ the Democrat National Committee’s server.

All charges are based ONLY on a Democrat-paid company’s (CrowdStrike) say-so.

None of the computer equipment was allowed to be examined or analyzed by federal agencies – the Democrats hired a private company to perform this service, so…

…Mueller’s latest indictments are solely DEMOCRAT-sourced (and funded).

The indictment is 29 pages of fiction, based on Democrat-funded data, and, as icing on the cake…never mentions that Russians attempted a failed hack on Republicans.

(Update – pg 13 one-liner mentions a 2015 effort vs individuals ‘affiliated’ with GOP.)

Yeah, yeah…no political bias there.

To the best of our knowledge, a political Party cannot be granted power to issue federal indictments, but now it looks like Mueller has aided and abetted in a whole new deal.

Nowhere in this indictment is there mention of the fact that…

a) federal intel agencies were DENIED ACCESS to Democrat computer equipment;

b) the indictment is based solely on data provided by a Democrat-funded source.


…a Democrat conspiracy…created and funded by Democrats, based on ‘hacked’ Democrat computer equipment that Democrats would NOT allow federal agencies to analyze…is once more perpetuated – by a Democrat-cohort special counsel.

Yeah…gosh, wonder why President Trump is so skeptical about Mueller?

Here’s a great take on the President’s Helsinki gambit

“Trump’s Helsinki Comments Were a Defense of U.S. Voters, Not of Russia”

Bulls eye.

“…context matters. Trump didn’t just plop down in Helsinki and criticize America’s intelligence community and give Putin leeway when it comes to the Russian government meddling in the U.S. election on a whim. This meeting came after two years of unprecedented investigation of a presidential candidate and a president who has been accused of colluding with a foreign government based only on opposition research by the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign.

The media leaks, counterintelligence investigation, improper FISA warrants, use of spies before a full investigation has even begun, a special counsel probe into collusion without evidence of a crime, biased investigators, more media leaks, and hounding of the president at every step by the intelligence community have disrupted our political system far more than any Russian meddling could — meddling that wasn’t new to 2016, by the way.” (bold and underline emphasis added)

We couldn’t have laid out a more concise, spot-on analysis than this.

Remember this…Russian meddling attempts against GOP server FAILED

Russian meddling doesn’t mean they wanted to help Trump gain the White House.

There’s just 1 reason why Democrats were the only ones ‘hacked’…

…they were the only ones so INCOMPETENT they got ‘hacked’.

Russians tried to hit Republicans also.

The fact Democrats got hit, but the GOP didn’t, merely indicates Democrat stupidity.



And the reason why the Left is so frantic to blame it on Russia…

Gateway Pundit headline “BOOM! New Text Messages PROVE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE Was Involved in Early Stages of Trump-Russia Investigation”

More text messages between (former) FBI lawyer Lisa Page and (former) FBI Dep. Dir. McCabe have been released, revealing the White House involvement in chicanery:

Lisa Page to McCabe: Just called.  Apparently the DAG now wants to be there, and the WH wants DOJ to host.  So we are setting that up now. We will very much need to get Cohen’s view before we meet with her.  Better have him weigh in with her before the meeting.” (bold and underline emphasis added)

Lisa Page to McCabe: Hey can you give me a call when you get out? Meeting with the WH counsel is finally set up and I want to talk about timing. Thanks.”

“WH” means one thing, folks…White House.

Does anyone in the free world believe White House counsel gets involved on their own?

The ‘investigation’ began under a false pretext of DNC server hacking, when the server presumably ‘hacked’ was never turned over to federal authorities for analysis…but was still used as means to justify surveillance of an opposition political campaign by Obama.

Sorry, liberals, but you brought it on with false narratives

Overhyping a foreign meddling narrative as the blame for Democrats losing the election in Nov 2016 brings consequences – the President is not going to accept that narrative.

Why should he? Even Obama said foreign meddling has a negligible impact, so beyond telling Putin to ‘cut it out’ he did nothing extraordinary to counter anything being done.

And besides…any nod towards meddling by Trump would immediately get blown up into a huge firestorm of ‘see, we told you so’ ranting that ends up delegitimizing his win.

Nations meddle with other nations constantly, but the truth of it is simple.

Elections involve 1) campaigning, 2) voting, and 3) counting votes.

AMERICAN Democrats (not Russians) nominated Hillary as their candidate.

AMERICAN Voters (not Russians) went to the polls.

AMERICANS counted votes (not Russians) that resulted in Trump being elected.

This manufactured outrage is meant to do one thing – undermine trust in our process.