‘Speaking Truth To Power’ deceit: Knowing what they do & STOPPING what they do are 2 different things

We repeat…

Failing to address important key factors when exposing the Left’s chicanery is an ongoing problem for conservative media, especially if factors are singularly crucial to revealing the fundamental cause for their deceit…typically being money, and power.

On talk-radio this morning, a Liberal host spoke of porn-lawyer Avenatti’s latest cameo (involving accusations of domestic violence), bemoaning the ‘porn-lawyer’ descriptive.

He referred to the Stormy Daniels/anti-Kavanaugh-accusers lawyer as a ‘hero, speaking truth to power’ while his conservative (female) co-host sat, not challenging that claim.

She was silent when the Lib host defended CNN’s Jim Acosta ‘speaking truth to power as he badgered the President over the Russia collusion hoax, then was banned.

There’s not been one iota of proof on the Kavanaugh accusations or collusion issue.

What she should have challenged her co-host on was that there’s a huge difference between speaking ‘truth’ to power…and speaking UNFOUNDED allegations to power.

The ‘singularly crucial’ factor here is that anti-Kavanaugh accusations, and Russia-collusion accusations, were…have been…and continue to be…totally unfounded.

It’s astounding that conservative media allow every lying premise to go unchallenged.

Why the silence?


Climate Change hoax: Knowing what they do & STOPPING what they do are 2 different things

We repeat…

Failing to address important key factors when exposing the Left’s chicanery is an ongoing problem for conservative media, especially if factors are singularly crucial to revealing the fundamental cause for their deceit…typically being money, and power.

The climate change hoax is a typical example.

Investor’s Business Daily reports on the bogus Paris Climate Accord… “Climate Hoax: Not A Single G-20 Country Is Close To Hitting CO2 Emission Targets”…but…

…never linked the most ‘singularly crucial’ factor to the hoax….


Those pushing the climate-change fraud are heavily invested in alternate energy and the billions of dollars/yuan/euros/whatever in subsidies derived from that hoax.

Why doesn’t respected conservative media like IBD mention that…every time?

Election Fraud: Knowing what they do & STOPPING what they do are 2 different things

Failing to address important key factors when exposing the Left’s chicanery is an ongoing problem for conservative media, especially if factors are singularly crucial to revealing the fundamental cause for their deceit…typically being money, and power.

Take the ongoing Election Deadline issues in Florida, for instance. Those deadlines are established for a reason, a primary one being to minimize opportunities for vote fraud.

But, in Democrat-controlled counties that (amazingly?) ‘can’t’ meet deadlines all other counties meet, is it any wonder that Democrat-appointed judges extend deadlines, where (amazingly?) more ‘uncounted’ Democrat votes are then suddenly discovered?

Did we mention the necessity to meet deadlines were Democrat controlled? Why can’t the conservative voices make that cynical observation when judiciary rulings are noted?

Did we mention all other counties didn’t seem to have a problem meeting deadlines?

Yes, all votes should be counted – but ensuring that it happens is on the shoulders of those who control the voting process within that county by utilizing resources properly.

How hard is it to deduce ‘suddenly discovered’ ballot boxes are orchestrated? It’s from the pages of a Democrat playbook…CREATE a crisis, then apply self-serving solutions.

The lax procedures and incompetent resources were totally under Democrat control.

The ‘singularly crucial’ factor here: DEMOCRATS created this ‘crisis’ to EXPLOIT it.

The choice? Honor deadlines, or let Democrats manipulate the process…again.

Look at it this way – when your kid breaks the liquor cabinet lock…

…the solution is not to let them DRINK the liquor.

If the GOP won’t fight election theft, what will they fight?

PJMedia.com: “Why Democrats Would Dare to Steal Elections in Plain Sight”

There’s only one way to fight this election thievery – Rule of Law.

Invoke it…or run for the hills, because Democrats will just keep on judge-shopping for the opportunity to invoke ‘rule-of-lawyer’ whenever they lose, as they’re doing now.

Election laws are legislated and passed by representatives of the people, and should not be subjected to indiscriminate revision by ideological whim for political expedience.

Such an act, by definition, serves to represent only those who benefit in the moment, and this ‘moving the goal posts’ activity means the people will never be represented.

Americans are tired of the uncertainty such activities breed, and angered as well. The constant effort to legislate by judicial fiat is undermining our societal structure.

(Side Issue…Ever notice there’s only ‘settled’ law when Democrats say it is?)

Argue the merits of existing law if you will…but legislatures of the people must invoke the required changes when necessary – otherwise, we’re no longer a Republic.

Sorry, liberals…one uncivil ‘journalist’ does not constitute a ‘press’

As noted in a previous blog, CNN was not banned from the WH press briefings, just Jim Acosta…and a thorough search of the Constitution doesn’t mention his name.

Freedom of the press does not translate into freedom of Acosta to violate briefing rules.

Or, could it be CNN/Acosta forget there are rules of conduct for the press corps?

Maybe this would be a good time to remind CNN the White House doesn’t need to hold press briefings at all, doesn’t need to take questions, and doesn’t need to televise them.

Whether Acosta used a hand or forearm on the female intern is beside the point…the facts are indisputable when viewing the event: he physically resisted her taking the mic.

Pretty sure that type of behavior is unacceptable by WH press corps rules.

(Funny thing though…the liberal search sites don’t seem to want to let those rules be found/seen. A Google search yields results of everything except the actual rules.)

BlueCollar suggests the White House publish said rules for all to see.

Bottom line?

When a ‘journalist’ makes himself the focus, he’s no longer a journalist…

…he’s an ACTOR.

Acosta, with CNN a willing abettor, continues to try to make HIM the story.

We reiterate: CNN and Acosta need to apologize to the intern, the President, and the press corps, before Mr. Trump considers whether to re-instate Acosta’s privileges.

CNN’s actions, on full display, demonstrate why the media is loathed by Americans.

Freedom of the press should not be conflated with freedom of access.

Are House Democrats REALLY ready for a subpoena war with the President? (UPDATED)

Democrats load ‘subpoena cannon’ with 85+ Trump targets


Considering the criminal chicanery prevalent throughout their Party, Democrats should choose wisely before starting a ‘subpoena war’ with the Executive branch…

…especially those who may be embroiled in FISA-gate, or Hillary’s EMAIL-gate.

Then there’s FUSION/GPS-gate, Clinton campaign MONEYLAUNDERING-gate, URANIUM-gate, RUSSIA-gate, and Clinton Foundation PAY-TO-PLAY-gate, not to mention the House Democrat security breach scandal-thon…IMRAN/AWAN-gate.

(UPDATE) And let’s not forget Feinstein’s CHINA-gate, the anti-Kavanaugh Blasey-Ford FRAUD-gate, and now…the VOTER-FRAUD-gate in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.

Yeah…yeah…let’s play.

(Besides…uhhh…doesn’t it take Trump’s Justice Dept. to enforce subpoenas?)

Crying-News-Network files lawsuit to re-instate whiny-baby Acosta in press corps

CNN sues Trump for revoking Jim Acosta’s White House press pass

Nit-picking journalists dispute how Acosta treated the female White House intern who attempted to retrieve a mic after the President indicated he was done with the CNN reporter’s questions and wanted to move on, but Acosta clearly shoved her arm down.

He displayed an amazing lack of decorum and respect, and acted inappropriately, both toward the President he was badgering, and the White House intern he was resisting.

(Good luck w-the lawsuit…word is the judge hearing the case is a Trump-appointee.)

It should be noted that CNN, for all it’s faults and FakeNews, has not been banned from the press briefings – just the boorish Acosta, who strives for face-time at every briefing.

BlueCollar believes it was about time to re-instate decorum and civility by the press at these briefings…and Jim Acosta’s ban should stay until he unequivocally apologizes to the President he was hectoring, the intern he interfered with, and the WH press corps.

Only then should a re-instatement be considered (not guaranteed…considered).

It’s time the Left understood CIVILITY is a two-way street.

The real deniers are environmentalist whackos like Gov Moonbeam

Truly, in a battle of wits, President Trump faces an unarmed man in Gov Moonbeam.

California’s governor blames climate-change for the wildfires raging within the state, but “…since 1970 the number of fires burning 300 acres or more has actually declined…”

(thanks, Investor’s Business Daily)

Average temperatures have remained at a constant for decades, but two factors have changed dramatically in the last fifty years – environmentalism and population growth.

When prudent undergrowth clearing and clear-cutting old-growth and dead trees were brought to a halt, and expansion of housing encroaches on such remote areas, it won’t take a genius to reach the conclusion that catastrophic wildfires will result for residents.

Climate change has nothing to do with these wildfires…idiotic policies are to blame.

And THAT’S scientific fact.

About that ‘support’ for pre-existing condition coverage in healthcare…

Seems a majority of Americans support pre-existing condition coverage, until…

…they’re told it requires higher taxes, huge premium increases, and restricted access to the highest rated medical facilities and top-ranked doctors…because as IBD reports  “Those are all the actual results of ObamaCare’s pre-existing condition mandate.” 

So, 65% polled did support Obamacare’s pre-existing condition mandate when not told of the costs involved, but when the total picture was laid out, support dropped 18-20%.

That’s why you heard a lot of Democrats claiming they wanted everyone to have pre-existing condition coverage, but ‘forgot’ to mention in their ads what it costs consumers.

After all – the complete story wouldn’t get them votes.

But with unquestioning media support…

…being a Democrat politician means never having to be honest about the whole story.