Wait – monetary aid to Ukraine was held up BY LAW…that Congress passed?

That moment when a SHAMpeachment hoax dies of shame: “IMPEACHMENT ILLUSION ANTIDOTE: Ukraine Received Half Of the $250 Million In Security Aid By July 31, 2019. POTUS Never Had The Ability To Cancel Any Of The Funds”

That’s right, Sylvia…laws set in place by Congress forced certain lawfully-mandated actions by the Ukraine BEFORE scheduled releases of funds could occur.

What’s more…$265 million of the total $400 million had been released to Ukraine by August 9, 2019. “Trump released the funds exactly as was required by law.”

Got that?

So, what’s the Democrat House hearing all about? H-O-A-X.

Think ‘Trump-Russia’

FakeNews and partisan politicos can spin this however they want, but the truth is there for all to see: “Trump released the funds exactly as was required by law.”

Just when you thought Democrats and their media cohort couldn’t go any lower…Can’t wait to see what their next move will be after this one collapses of its own weight.

And there will be a ‘next move’…the Swamp will not go down that drain without a fight.

We could implore Congress to deal with the needs of their constituents, but it would fall on deaf ears among Democrats…there’s still a lot of covering up and deflection to do.

Impeachment – just another word for ‘never gonna drain us from the Swamp’

As the Democrat circus continues today, their corruption coordinator…errr…Obama’s Ukraine ambassador will be the only testimony in today’s SHAMpeachment hearing.

So, the representative of America’s interest, who served while million$ were funneled from Ukraine back to corrupt U.S. political figures, will testify that she fought corruption.

Besides, she was dismissed in MAY. What does she know of Trump’s talks w-Ukraine?

And Democrats think Americans are too stupid/ignorant to make these connections.


Here’s an idea…

…can we see the ambassador’s personal tax records from that period, to the present?

Any drastic increase in net worth? Let the transparency and fairness begin.

(Hmmm…may want to include her families’ records as well. Think ‘Hunter’)

Hey, they’re the ones fixated on tax records, right?

…and, remember this…

When Adam Schiff handcuffs, blindfolds, and gags duly-elected House Republicans he is, by those acts, handcuffing, blindfolding, and gagging Americans who voted for them.

At the American Spectator: “…the whole process has trampled the rights of the accused since the president’s lawyers were excluded, Republicans were denied a chance to call their witnesses, and the person who began this latest phase, the anonymous whistleblower, remains hidden, evading cross-examination.” (emphasis added)

It’s time Americans were reminded that our Constitution is designed to protect us


Someone should remind Schiff of that as well.

When ‘overwhelming evidence’ is nothing but hearsay, no one is safe

Is anyone surprised that the obligatory CNN legal analyst claims hearsay is evidence?

Renato Mariotti’s a left-wing lawyer and (is/was) a CNN legal analyst, and a product of Yale…that tells us all we need to know when wondering how a lawyer can be so dumb.

He’s in thrall over the first day of Democrat SHAMpeachment hearings, opining that the Republicans “…simply can’t overcome the abundant evidence Democrats possess to prove their central point…President Donald Trump conditioned military aid to Ukraine on a public announcement that his political rival, Joe Biden, was under investigation”


BlueCollar never passes itself off as legal experts, but even a Yale grad should know that hearsay testimony is not only not evidence, but not admissible in any court.

And both ‘witnesses’ at yesterday’s circus…errr…hearing, had only hearsay testimony.

They never spoke with the President; they were not on the calls with Ukraine. Every bit of their comments yesterday were opinion, and based on 2nd-/3rd-/4th-hand hearsay.

But that’s the legal climate we live in – where one Party can destroy 30,000 emails and BleachBit harddrives AFTER they were subpoena’d – yet, be declared unindictable

…while the other Party can be declared guilty, based on unfounded hearsay.

By Yale-educated lawyer types, no less.

We said it all along, and remain convinced (and this American Thinker article concurs) that attacks against the President are not so much a measure of their hatred for him…

…but a measure of how much they fear what he’ll expose of their criminal activities.

Attorney General Barr…FASTER, please.

Hmmm – so NEVER giving military aid to Ukraine during Obama era was…what…?

“Pelosi says delay of Ukraine aid amounts to bribery” What…really?

Within a couple months after new Ukraine leadership, Pres Trump ok’d military aid.

Nancy, you’re impeaching the wrong president. If a 2-month ‘delay’ providing military aid to Ukraine was ‘bribery’ what was the 8-year NON-aid during the Obama era seen as?

Isn’t this really about stopping Pres Trump from investigating what really happened?

Let’s see…a Ukrainian-American founded CrowdStrike – the outfit that claimed Russia hacked the Democrats. Democrats then used the Ukrainians to perpetuate that smear.

Trump gets elected anyway. Mueller spends over $25 million with 17 partisan Democrat lawyers proving Pres. Trump DID NOT COLLUDE…even with Russian disinformation in the FusionGPS/Steele dirt-dossier dialled up full-blast, with FakeNews assistance.

Now, with the President fully-focused on what 2016 shenanigans were pulled with the Ukrainians helping Hillary, and then one of their 2020 candidates brag about obstruction of a Ukrainian corruption probe…all of a sudden Democrats are in panic-mode.

Sure, they want to get a Republican president impeached…but you can bet everything you own that their REAL motive is to stop the Barr investigation directed at Ukraine.

The Ukraine call transcript is proof nothing untoward was done by President Trump.

The lethal military aid that Obama NEVER gave the Ukraine was released by President Trump early in September, which is even further proof nothing untoward was done.

President Trump had lawful, Constitutionally-provided authority to determine whether an ally (Ukraine) was properly investigating corruption which occurred in recent years, and would cooperate with the United States to determine if election-meddling occurred…

…because, as a NY Post op-ed notes “…Ukraine’s Washington embassy helped spread dirt on Paul Manafort when he was Trump campaign chairman and that some Ukraine officials met with Hillary Clinton aides and other Democrats in 2016. Among them was Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democratic National Committee contractor who worked with Ukrainians to get dirt on Trump.(bold, underline emphasis added)

Misrepresenting legitimate Presidential actions is what they do, and will continue doing. Actually, it’s all they can do: Pres Trump didn’t do, and hasn’t done, anything wrong.

The level of their panic-attacks is directly proportionate to their soon-to-be-exposed level of political chicanery before and during the 2016 election…and since then.

Bottom-line though, Ms. Pelosi…

…if a legitimate 2-month Trump delay in Ukraine aid is impeachable…

…what’s an EIGHT-YEAR Obama total refusal to give Ukraine aid qualify as?

“…impeachment process in search of a crime…”

Opening statement of Devin Nunes, at today’s SHAMpeachment circus…

…brought to you by a Democrat Party, bent on overturning the 2016 election results.

Nunes noted the Russia-collusion fraud was the opening curtain, and that this Ukraine fraud is simply the Democrats’ low-budget sequel…hey, fraud is as fraud does.

What’s amazing about all this is these are supposed to be the smartest among us, yet every move they make, every turn they take, turns into a foot-shooting fiasco.

They charge Trump with Russia collusion…turns out it was Hillary and Dems colluding.

They charge abuseing power with fed agencies…turns out it was Obama-&-co. abusing.

They charge coercing/extorting Ukraine for political advantage…yup, you guessed it.

For 8 years Obama & Biden withheld military aid to Ukraine that Trump just gave them.

The best and the brightest? Unhhh…no…NOT EVEN CLOSE. Even clowns take off their make-up at the end of a show, but these Impeach-crats are locked in tight.

(Which means, the Democrat foot-shooting will continue.)

So, you think this guy isn’t just trying to save his own butt…?

HUGE! — ‘Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Was Hosting 2016 WH Meeting Where Ukrainian Officials Were Told to Drop Investigation of Hunter Biden!”

‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramalla Hosted Jan 19, 2016 WH Mtg. w/Soros Lackey – Same Day Ukraine Told in WH Mtg. to Fire Prosecutor Investigating Hunter Biden”

Told you before…this gossip-monger worked for Biden while the VP was coercing the Ukraine to stop investigating Hunter Biden’s employer: it’s a Potomac Two-Step…

in order to keep his own butt out of jail.