Democrats willing to jeopardize low-income & minorities job market, & hurt military – for illegal immigrants?

Satisfying the Democrats by caving on immigration will destabilize the job market. Worst hit will be low-income Americans, largely composed of Hispanic and black minorities.

Both demographics have benefited enormously with added jobs over the last year.

Why are Democrats threatening that success? Because they see it as a crucial political issue for their mid-term election year efforts – this was pointed out several days ago.

Proof that Democrats will ONLY use this as a political issue – without ever solving the problem – can be shown, through one empirical fact: they could’ve done it when they had control of Congress for four years between 2007 and 2011, but chose not to do it.

Democrats hold DACA dreamers hostage for political gain, and political gain only.

Now, they threaten to shut down government, over completely unrelated issues, virtually defunding our military while using DACA (the unrelated issue) as a ransom demand.

They say it’s a critical issue…why wasn’t it critical over the 4 years they held Congress?

Disgraceful? Sure…but, what they hell – politically, it’s worked for them before.

Should restitution for slave descendants include a ticket back to native land?

Begs the question, no?

“‘Make it right’: Descendants of slaves demand restitution from Georgetown”

After all, if descendants of slavery are angry about their ancestors being torn from their native lands and forced into America, it follows that restitution includes relocation.

America’s black population wealth, compared to the African nations of their ancestors, is no contest…especially when you add the freedoms and opportunities available.

Is a descendant of slaves torn from Nigeria really resentful to be here, today?

Care to see what Party wages a War-on-Women, and Black Americans?

Carol Swain will lay it out for you…

“…there is a Party with a long history of racism and sexism, but it ain’t Republican.”

The history of what the Republican Party has done for blacks and women is replete with firsts that the Democrat Party wishes they could keep hidden…but ‘the truth will out’.

The Republican Party…

  • started in 1854, to defeat polygamy and slavery;
  • gave blacks freedom w-the 13th Amendment;
  • gave blacks citizenship w- the 14th amendment;
  • gave blacks voting rights  w- the 15th amendment;
  • 1870, first black Senator and congressman sworn in – both Republicans;
  • until 1935 all black representatives in the House were Republicans;
  • all black Senators until 1979 were Republicans;
  • first female member of Congress was a Republican;
  • first Hispanic Governor and Senator was Republican;
  • first Asian Senator was Republican;
  • first anti-bigamy act passed by Republican Congress in 1862;
  • women given the right to vote by a Republican Congress ratifying the 19th amendment after 52 years of Democrat opposition;
  • integration forced in Little Rock Arkansas by Republican president in 1957, despite overt opposition by Democrats;
  • every Republican senator supported the 1960 Civil Rights Act that Democrats filibustered for 152 hours;
  • due to overwhelming Republican support, the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed;

Ms. Swain went on to say, while the Republicans treat blacks and women as equals, the Democrat Party – TO THIS DAY – “treats blacks and women as victims who aren’t capable of succeeding on their own”.

It bears repeating…

“…there is a Party with a long history of racism and sexism, but it ain’t Republicans.”

Did California AG Becerra break cyber-security laws while a congressional member?

Following the Democrat congressional IT aides scandal is an exercise in futility; month after month no charges or representations are made even though breaches occurred.

Serious security breaches, involving illegally accessed classified email communications.

And it appears the House Democrat Caucus was at the focal point of the breaches. The congressman heading the House Democrat Caucus at the time? Xavier Becerra.

As reported the now-busted 5 Pakistani IT aides “…were using the House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse. All 5 of the shared employee system administrators collectively logged onto the Caucus system 5,735 times, an average of 27 times per day…” Much of the data accessed was classified.

And, here’s where Becerra may have broken the law: Becerra’s House Democratic Caucus knew about problems and tried to stop them, according to the presentation, but the suspect defied him. Based on other members’ accounts, Becerra does not appear to have warned other offices that might have been affected.” (emphasis added)

We aren’t cyber-law experts, but failing to reveal breaches seems pretty illegal. And we’re pretty certain lying about the severity of the breaches is aiding and abetting.

How is it a Republican-controlled Congress lets this situation stay hidden from view?

And, how does a feckless congressman qualify to be California’s attorney general?

When decorum & integrity are spurned, throw the media-bum out

No matter how much a political party or president may be disliked (hated?), it would be advisable that the media understand decorum and integrity are not one-way streets.

At the end of a meeting with a foreign leader, the President took questions, and one of the questions was from CNN’s Acosta, asking if Trump wanted more Norway migrants.

President Trump replied “I want them to come in from everywhere. Everywhere.”

Acosta’s followup demonstrated that he didn’t know the definition of ‘everywhere’, or was intent on painting the President as a racist: “Just caucasian or white countries, sir? Or do you want people from other parts of the world where there are people of color?”

President Trump, quite rightly, had a one-word response to that: “OUT”

When interviewed afterward, Acosta tried passing off his offensive rhetoric by claiming he was addressing the ‘controversy’ that surrounded the President because of his (allegedly bigoted) remarks about merit-based immigration criteria he wanted.

But, if anything, his disingenuous query shows exactly who’s responsible for the ‘controversy’ and the media effort to paint a merit-based criteria as racist and bigoted.

Not only should Acosta have been tossed, he should be banned from further access.

Let CNN send in another flunky – this one has gone beyond the pale.

It’s not just Hispanics being used by Democrats on this DACA kerfuffle

As noted in previous blogs, Democrats totally controlled Congress and could’ve passed immigration legislation during those times, most recently between 2007 and 2011.

But they didn’t. As a Washington Examiner editorial notes, they would rather use this as an election-year political issue…actually accomplishing their goal is less impactful.

But this Democrat immigration reform chicanery affects other minorities as well, and it would behoove those American minorities to remember they’re being used also.

The headline says it all: “Dick Durbin ‘Focused Full Time’ on Illegal Aliens as Black Americans Remain Excessively Unemployed in His State (underline added)

If liberal court ruled against Trump’s DACA eo, stopping it’s halt, how can Democrats use it to shut down gov’t?

“Senate Democrats dig in for shutdown fight over DACA”

Can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking. Seems like last week or the week before, a Liberal judge ruled against the President’s executive order to halt the DACA program.

If that’s the case, and the program isn’t halted, then what’s all this Democrat kerfuffle about? How can they justify shutting down the government over a non-issue?

Simple answer? This editorial from the Washington Examiner holds the key:

Pull quote…”In an election year, immigration is far more powerful for Democrats as a political issue than it is as an accomplishment in the rearview mirror”

Think back to all the years Democrats controlled Congress, and did nothing. This is a powerful and, (by their previous inaction) a provable indictment of Democrat chicanery.

They didn’t do anything when they could, they use DACA now merely as a wedge.


Full Stop.