Bill-Hillary Clinton/Harvey Weinstein Democrats have no moral authority to judge Trump

Maybe the real question is can it even be possible for an ‘honest’ Democrat to exist?

Voters who condoned disgusting lack of integrity are, themselves, lacking in integrity.

They accepted and covered up for ALL of the criminal acts of Hillary, and the predatory sexual acts of Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton and Harvey Weinstein FOR DECADES…

…and, as such, anyone who voted ‘D’ ever since has no moral ground to stand on…

…about anything…now.



Only one thing holds this ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ hoax together…

Only one thing holds this ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ hoax together…the media.

None of the loose threads leading to Democrat chicanery is being investigated by what should be ‘objective’ news media: where’s there’s evidence, there should be inquisitive reporters working the leads, ferreting out the machinations, connecting the many dots.

But, sadly, that’s what is lacking here.

Even more criminal, is not just a ‘lack’ of honest media reporting…

…it’s become obvious by now – the media is INVESTED in the hoax.

If it weren’t for conservative sites, we wouldn’t know

  • Obama used FusionGPS dirt-raking against Romney in 2012;
  • Hillary and the DNC used FusionGPS dirt-raking to attack Trump;
  • Obama’s Justice Dept used that dirt-dossier to spy on Trump;
  • Obama’s FBI & DoJ misled or lied to get FISA warrants;
  • Obama’s FISA-appointed judge had friendships with the FBI miscreants;
  • Special counsel Mueller has all this information, yet no charges are filed;
  • Media, exposed as collusion HOAX enablers – CAN’T.BE.TRUSTED.

Stop whining about deputy FBI director McCabe’s ‘years of service’, Liberals

Those on the Left saying Att’y Gen’l Sessions should not fire soon-to-retire deputy FBI director McCabe because he could lose his pension need to take a deep breath.

Whining about it being unfair to forfeit his pension because of his partisan-driven acts in covering for Hillary Clinton by invoking his 20+ years of ‘loyal’ service, you’d think that it wasn’t possible he may have been conducting partisan cover-ups all during that time.

Sorry, Liberals…that dog won’t hunt. Our guess is if his past 20+ years communications were suddenly to see the light of day…there’d be plenty more reason to fire him.

Partisan deep-staters like him stray off the reservation as soon as they get on it…

…and deserve to reap the whirlwind they’ve sowed.

If subverting the U.S. election process using nefarious tactics isn’t ‘defrauding our gov’t process’…what is?

Our previous post covering the efforts by special counsel Mueller to use a ‘conspiracy to defraud the government’ charge against Russian meddlers begs another question:

If such a conspiracy charge can be invoked absent any specific actual crime…

…can’t it be used against Obama (who colluded with FusionGPS to undermine the Romney campaign in 2012) as well as Hillary, who colluded with them in 2016…

…since their efforts were meant to subvert and thwart an honest election process?

When special prosecutors can creatively twist laws, EVERYONE becomes fair game.

And if it was a fraud conspiracy individually – taking this a step further, wouldn’t Obama using FusionGPS in such a way, then Hillary doing the same, constitute racketeering?

As the IBD article (linked above) notes (emphasis added)…

“This goes beyond mere creepy political collusion, or dirty campaign capers. It suggests a broader Democratic scheme to use government resources to hamstring opposition political campaigns and, now, to destroy a presidency.

And this conspiracy spans two presidential campaign cycles and two separate opposition presidential candidates, using remarkably similar tactics and even the same law firm and research operation. With a number of government officials knowingly involved, this, in short, reeks of conspiracy to subvert the election process.

RICO, anyone?

If fired FBI-Clintonista McCabe loses his pension, Bill-n-Hillary will pick up the $lack, right?

Reports indicate FBI deputy director McCabe should be fired because of the way he handled (or deliberately mishandled?) an FBI-Clinton Foundation investigation.

That means he could lose his (taxpayer subsidized) pension. (He should!)

Which seems only fair, considering it was the taxpayer that got screwed by his acts, in covering up for what can only be described as a HUGE pay-for-play political scheme.

But, what the heck…

…surely his Clinton benefactors will compensate him for services rendered.

Opposing a state dept nominee as a ‘war-hawk’ at odds with a Congress that gave up its war-powers

Our Constitution says only the Congress has power to declare war. (ArtI, sec8, ss11)

Congress gave up that power with the AUMF, by giving it to the Executive branch.

So it seems pretty bizarre that a Congress that gives power to the Executive branch will then object to its use by the Executive branch, and fuels opposition of Trump nominees.

Just sayin’…

Tax cuts paying off for workers…and the federal gov’t

Investor’s Business Daily article: “The latest monthly Treasury report on taxes and spending shows that gross tax receipts in February were $1.4 billion higher than the year before. Weren’t the Republican tax cuts supposed to explode the deficit?”

Individual worker income is higher.

More people are finding jobs.

More jobs mean more income taxes are collected, more products are being sold to the consumers with more discretionary income, more product needs to be manufactured to satisfy that consumption, which means more raw materials are being purchased.

Free enterprise capitalism is a great engine for economic growth.