Ever notice the big corporations Democrats demonize always seem to get…richer…when Dems are in power?

Remember how ‘Big Pharma’ were the bad guys way back when?

Surprise…they’re reaping BILLIONS in profits with all the WuFlu hysteria whipped up by (you guessed it) Democrats and their propagandist media network of heavies…over what has turned out to be (after the inflated numbers were exposed) a tough flu season.

(Wanna bet who invested heavily in Big Pharma before all this went down?)

And, then there were those ‘evil’ Big Bad oil companies they’ve demonized for decades.

Unh hunh..

Profits are rolling in, cuz, yeah, Democrats – under guise of ‘saving environment’ – are always passing legislation restricting oil extraction…which creates artificial shortages.

Which, of course, drives up prices of oil-per-barrel. (Think they invested in Big Bad oil?)

Oh yeah.

Democrats perfected the art of privately enriching the very corporations they so  publicly demonize  – and, of course, have enriched themselves as well, in the process…

…and, all the time – always – making those corporations out to be the bad guys.

Gas pump prices just in California are up 40-50% since Democrats got into the White House and their Party leadership have, again, created artificial-shortage legislation.

Knowing that, wouldn’t it be great if voting could be done at California gas pumps?

They caused it – they OWN it…and we need to get that word out. Get Californians gas-pump angry, and California Democrats would go from ‘in power’ to EXTINCT..

…in a heartbeat. But why stop there?

Americans are tied of useless mandates and business-killing shutdowns. Democrats went from ’15 days to flatten the curve’ to 730 days of flattening the economy…

…spreading doom-&-gloom over what turns out to be a bad flu season

For a nationwide thought, let’s talk vaccines that don’t immunize, and booster-shots that never end…not to mention arcane shutdowns and hostility-driven mask Nazis.

Messaged effectively, we’d go from ‘flatten-the-curve’ to flatten Democrats.

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