Ineffective, Illegal, Immoral…& Deadly – why is there even a conversation on ‘vaccine’ mandates???

I mean, really…why are we having a vaccine-mandate discussion?

The vaccines being administered are NOT FDA approved; federal law states no one can be forced to take experimental treatments; and adverse events are out of control.

Pro-vaxers claim a vaccine mandate is for the common good.

Since when has reinstating segregation, violating civil rights, breaking federal law, and imposing serious medical conditions – up to and including death – on a segment of the population become the norm…for the ‘common good’?

Especially when medical experts refuse to be open about vaccine consequences?

Well, hey – in an America where elites tell us men competing against women is ‘fair’…& BLM rioting which destroyed tens of thousands of businesses was, you know, ‘mostly peaceful’…does common sense or logic in this WuFlu/Covid hysteria need apply?

In an America where the only FDA-approved WuFlu/Covid vaccines – have been – and continue to be unavailable, & “will be for the foreseeable future” ACCORDING TO THE FDA…why let cognitive reasoning about what’s happening cloud your perceptions?

But, sarcasm aside…facts speak for themselves.

Seriously…the real question is why do vaccine-mandate discussions continue?

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