Is that EUA protecting Big Pharma even legit a little bit?

So, the Emergency Use Authorization declaration for the WuFlu ‘vaccines’ was issued March 2020, and the CDC actually changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate its ineffectiveness to immunize sometime in September 2021…

…which begs the question: Is that EUA even legitimate?

After all, issuing an EUA for a ‘vaccine’ that 18 MONTHS LATER becomes redefined as not really a vaccine delegitimizes all protections afforded an immunity-capable product.

And this article at the American Thinker “What if the COVID-19 vaccines are not really vaccines?” brings that question full circle…if not a vaccine, is it even protected?

(The article makes the case they’re really “experimental gene therapies” and, according to the expert quoted, Moderna & Pfizer “classify their products as ‘gene therapy”.)

All this begs an even more interesting question: Are there any lawyers in the house?

Or, are they already too intimidated by the inevitable Gov’t/BigPharma legal juggernaut that awaits any who have the audacity to question what are very legitimate concerns?

Of course, this is all academic – we’re sure the elitists have already covered their tracks with amendments to original declarations…or they’ll find ’em, in a drawer somewhere.

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