Uh Ohhh…looks like anti-Trump’ers need to re-define ‘caving’

“Trump calls for ‘nuclear option’ to ram border wall funding through the Senate”


…the anti/never-Trump crowd need to look up ‘caving’ in their dictionaries, ‘cuz if that Washington Examiner headline is accurate (and it is) that’s not what caving looks like.

House Republicans passed a bill with border wall funding, now it’s up to the Senate, and that body has a super-majority (60-vote) rule for this type legislation…

…which means Democrat votes are needed to get it passed.

But, as we noted before, the GOP Senate can change rules – like Harry Reid did.

Invoking the ‘nuclear option’ means just that…change rules to a simple majority.

Senate Republicans need to grow a spine, and get it done.

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