$2/gallon gas? Ask your politicians why that’s non-existent in California

Investor’s Business Daily editorial“The Miracle of $2 Gas Prices”

“USA Today reports that almost one in five gas stations in the country are charging less than $2 a gallon. As many as eight states could soon have an average price of under $2, the paper said, citing data from GasBuddy.”

Yeah – tell that to Californians.

We haven’t seen $2/gallon gas in decades, and curiously enough, not since Democrats rose to gubernatorial and legislative power in what was once the ‘Golden’ State.

And, while many shrug their shoulders and say that’s the price one must pay for needed tax revenues to help the less fortunate among us…who do they think is hit the hardest?

The very people they claim to care so much about.

High fuel prices affect everything we see and touch, since it all requires transportation and energy to acquire raw materials and supplies to produce, gather, and distribute.

Next time a liberal buddy tries to shrug off high fuel costs due to taxation, ask them why such high taxation isn’t needed in those states run by NON-DEMOCRATS.

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