A sublime solution to Democrat-created illegal immigration: Territorials-at-Large

For certain politicians, illegal immigration is only about potential voters.

For honest, caring mainstream America, the humanity of the situation cries for solution.

Democrat politicians don’t want border enforcement, and haven’t for decades. Neither are they interested in enforcing anything else that once was ‘immigration law’.

They know that 85-90% of illegal aliens would potentially vote ‘Democrat’ if given that right…until then, they simply keep the issue unsolved…to beat up on Republicans.

Giving amnesty to such a huge group would finish off the GOP…not allowing amnestied immigrants a right to vote gives Liberals the right to scream ‘disenfranchised’.

What to do? The answer is staring us in the face from the Caribbean…Puerto Rico.

BlueCollar solution…designate ‘amnestied’ immigrants as ‘Territorials-at-Large’.

Allow ‘T-a-L’ immigrants the right to vote in local elections, but not statewide or federal elections; in those cases, give them representational status – as we do Puerto Ricans.

After a generation – 25 years – give them an opportunity to acquire full voting status.

America can continue to stumble along, with Democrats blocking border control which threatens our national security (not to mention our health)…or recognize the inevitable.

Offering amnestied immigrants a ‘T-a-L’ status brings them out of the shadows, makes border security possible, drastically reduces disease risks, provides voting privileges on a local scale commensurate with existing national policy, and won’t threaten the GOP.

Republicans should be able to sell this idea to their constituents, as well as any honest Democrats embarrassed by their Party’s sinister use of the destitute for political gain.

And any Democrat politician opposing this plan would be exposed.


If it’s good enough for Puerto Rico, shouldn’t it be good enough for amnestied legals?

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