A sure way to force Accountability on rogue government agencies…& workers

Fining a government agency for violating personal freedoms doesn’t solve the problem.

Your tax dollars pay fines levied against government agencies, but agency wrongdoers must be punished as well, otherwise there’s no incentive for stopping bad behavior.

Think about it…if it’s tax dollars paying the fine, we taxpayers foot the bill. Besides, if government won’t hold its malefactors accountable, bad deeds will continue.

The present-day IRS scandal is a good example. For several years, its legion has been using obstruction and intimidation tactics to attack or stonewall conservative groups.

A traditional-marriage-defense group was just awarded a $50k settlement from the IRS. An IRS worker unlawfully gave confidential information to a gay marriage group, which used the donor list to harass and intimidate private traditional-marriage supporters.

But merely fining a government agency doesn’t solve the problem, since it’s our tax dollars picking up the tab. Government workers in sensitive positions, who violate the public trust, must be punished a-s-a-p, and made to pay back those tax dollars.

So, how does that happen, when agencies involved, including law enforcement, are all run by an administration bent on thwarting the very laws being broken?

Congress. They have the power to freeze bank accounts, and withhold agency funding.

The House of Representatives controls spending. If an agency won’t hold accountable those who break the law, Congress can use financial pressure to force accountability.

Start at the top, freezing all their personal assets and salaries, and give those pressured 72 hours to comply or face commensurate extended financial pain and house arrest.

Some might argue that agency directors may not have been aware of the problem…but failing to hold accountable those responsible makes them part of the problem.

And after all…isn’t that where the buck always stops?

Quit playing games…exert financial pressure. Watch how fast they comply.

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