Okay – who ‘tipped the CO2 balance’… 300 million years ago?

Another day, another global warming ‘scientist’ warning the ‘CO2 balance is tipped’.

Before the Industrial Revolution began in the late 17th Century, atmospheric CO2 levels were 280 parts per million…today it measures 400 parts per million…

OMG…cue Chicken Little! Filthy modern man is destroying the Earth!

But, before you send your donation to Al Gore, you might consider this…

…during the Carboniferous Period 300-360 million years ago, measurements of rock layers revealed CO2 levels were as high as 8000 parts per million!

And, oh, did we mention…that period lasted 60 million years, nonetheless?

We understand the sea floors were rich with brachiopods and surface life was rich with diapsids (eventually, reptiles)…no doubt the filthy scum responsible for so much CO2.

Yet the world we know evolved, though CO2 levels were often 20x greater than today.

(So, human polluters, it’s okay to exhale…you did know that was CO2 you emit, right?)

Makes you wonder what the EPA and Al Gore think they’re protecting us from now…


(Just think…if the EPA and Al Gore had been there then, we might not be here now.)

Shouldn’t it humble Al Gore and enviro-whackos to know, when it comes to CO2…

…brachiopods outproduced humans?

But Al doesn’t care…for him it isn’t about climate…it’s about portfolio investments.

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