Open question to Obama…how is a dead American ‘phony’?

Several times this week, the Liar-in-Chief has alluded to ‘phony scandals’ that distract from the real work needed to fix the economy (ironically, that his policies broke).

Ignoring the inexcusable problem (Obama’s words) of IRS and NSA agencies targeting Americans, does he really think dead Americans (due to federal blunders) are phony?

Dead U.S. border agents due to Fast-&-Furious? He invokes ‘executive privilege’.

Dead Americans in Benghazi? He refuses access to Benghazi survivors.

Since when do ‘phony’ scandals require Executive stonewalling?

Martha Stewart went to jail because she said openly she’d done nothing wrong. In the insider-trading trial that followed, she ended up in federal prison for that statement.

Shouldn’t Obama’s ‘phony scandal’ statement result in the same penalty…for him?

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