What if a former Marine could have prevented the South Carolina murders?

Nothing gets the Left worked up like a mass killing, and even Obama is weighing in now, that more gun-control laws could have prevented the Charleston tragedy.

But churches there are gun-free zones…and felons aren’t allowed guns…by law.

Obama’s bluster notwithstanding, no gun-control law could have stopped this.┬áBut, if the Left believes otherwise, by that logic…Justice Fohrall could have stopped it.

He would have been 23 in June, 2015, and, serving as an usher at the outside door of the church, would have noticed the telltale bulge under the killer’s clothing.

With military training (4 years in the Marines), he would have taken the killer down, using the special hand-to-hand combat tactics he honed during his time in service.

Church members inside would have been spared.

Problem is, Justice was aborted in South Carolina (as the law allowed) in 1992.

Yes, Marine Justice Fohrall is a hypothetical…

…but so is Obama’s bluster about more gun-control solving the problem.

If his hypothetical is acceptable…then, by that standard, so is BlueCollar’s.

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