Congressional fraudsters…hiding in plain sight

Did you know your congressman and senator have only 1 part-timer on their staff?

That’s right…House and Senate applications for fed subsidies in the Obamacare exchange falsely declared those legislative bodies as ‘small businesses’…

…and falsely listedtotal employed’ in each legislative body as 45 aides.

(That’s 45 aides for the ENTIRE House, and 45 aides for the ENTIRE Senate.)

That means each of the 435 representatives in the House have the help of one aide for 48 minutes daily; lucky senators each get one aide daily for 3.48 hours.

Does anybody on Planet Earth believe that?

Evidently the Obamacare exchange workers who went ahead and processed the fraudulent applications did, because unjustified subsidies are flowing to Congress.

Congressmen and their staff are avoiding out-of-pocket health-care costs, illegally maintaining federal subsidies for their  medical care through out-and-out fraud.

The hypocrisy reeks…a Democrats-only vote pushed Obamacare on Americans, in the name of a ‘public good’…but avoided being forced into it themselves…

…and then committed fraud to maintain illegal (tax dollar) financial aid …

…at the cost of the Americans they shoved into Obamacare.


Call your congressman and senator – demand the truth be revealed…NOW.

(Or, if you’re okay with the deception, just do nothing…but keep paying taxes.)

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