Just another example of how a ‘Free Stuff’ Party hurts the poor, minorities…

We’ve blogged this before – Democrat politicians impose stealth ‘tax’ systems on those they claim to champion: Investor’s Business Daily op-ed headline says it all…

“EPA Clean Power Plan Will Hit Blacks And Hispanics Hardest”

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure it out – If energy costs ‘necessarily skyrocket’ as Obama has promised, it takes a larger bite from those who earn the least.

This is the price minorities and the poor pay for voting the ‘Free Stuff’ Party line.

So, such groups eagerly grab for ‘free’ Obama-phones, while unwittingly paying for it through $25-$50+ per-month hikes in their electricity and gasoline taxes…

…all courtesy of the Democrat Party policies that cause the price spikes.

If the media reported honestly, all of a sudden, ‘free’ wouldn’t look so good.

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