Taking out the trash…Politics-style

An NRO article calls for Republicans to argue forcefully against Hillary’s agenda.

How hard can that be? She calls for more government involvement in education, even as literacy and graduation rates are at an all-time low in public schools.

She calls for raising minimum wage and imposing family-leave benefits which add more costs to running a business, even as new business startups decline, fewer women are employed, and small businesses disintegrate under crushing regulation.

She calls for more liberal immigration, even as joblessness among the poor and minorities continues, class-sizes mushroom, and social safety nets melt down.

She rails against corporate profiteering, even as profits and personal wealth of the corporate elite expand under Democrat crony-capitalism…and Clinton favors.

And, most ironic considering her State Dept failure, she promises to “…do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe.” Benghazi should tell you all you need to know.

Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Chris Stevens weren’t available for comment. Of Benghazi failures, Former Representative Allen West said it best:

“…let us never forget some ran to the sound of guns, while others ran to bed.”

Yeah…right…Hillary Clinton will be a tough one for Republicans to deal with.

Those who vote ‘Democrat first’ regardless aren’t the ones that need to understand this…they would vote for an Iranian mullah if he were the Democrat candidate.

The voters who will make a difference are those who value results above rhetoric, and who value morality above Party.

BlueCollar believes even some Democrats fit that latter descriptive.

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